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University of Lincoln

By ,Written on Mar 04 , 2019

MSc Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Overall Rating

My experience so far has been excellent. The most important thing was being around people who are driving their respective fields forward with their research, which is very motivating. The course is well planned and I am very optimistic about my future.

Student Union

The students union is quite active and I follow their Instagram page which is a good way to get notified of any events they organise. The SU also runs a couple of bars and pubs in the campus which are a great place to hang out. The Swan in particular hosts games and quizzes which are quite fun.

Other than the activities the SU also helps with any problems that students face. But, I personally haven't needed that yet.

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Clubs and Societies

There are a bunch of clubs and societies like rowing but I don't participate so I don't know much about them. I have seen the university post about the teams going out to compete.

Uni Facilities

- The labs have computers powerful enough to run the robot environment simulations I need.
- There are teams working on real robots in the field of agriculture, elderly care, manipulation, transportation etc.
- I have participated in studies in sports and their labs are quite good too. There's have a Human Performance Centre with labs for testing sports performance.
- As part of another study I participated in, I used a Body Composition Analyser which was very interesting. They also has a 3D body scanner.

Overall students have access to some pretty interesting equipment and facilities learning and conducting studies with.

Course and Lecturers

The course content all falls into place really well. The modules are very complementary each semester. Instead of working on isolated topics, I get to see everything come together quite nicely. My current modules are Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Advanced Robotics and Frontiers of Robotics Research.

One thing that could be improved is that some modules have assignments that require knowledge of topics that are taught near the end of the semester which doesn't leave much time to come up with the best solution to the given problem.

City Life

Lincoln is quite calm and the people are nice. The University is near the centre of the city so most places are within walking distance. There's a really nice Cathedral, a Castle and also a Museum which are quite fun to visit. There are also some pretty good restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Job Prospects

There are weekly guest lectures from academics working in my field and also industry partners. We can choose to work on a project with them which could potentially even lead to a job opportunity.

Student Support

The tutors are very interactive and its quite easy to get a hold of them for any problems that I may have. The Library also has subject experts who are there to help with any course related help we may need.

There's also counselling facilities for students but I haven't needed them so I don't know much about that.

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