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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Lincoln

PhD History


Conor - February 2020

Lincoln is a great university, and is getting better all the time. I've loved it here, and have seen it first hand grow, which had been wonderful to be a part of read full review

MSc Fashion Management


Student Reviewer - February 2020

It's been great...a new adventure, new set of people and culture. Absolutely loving it. Everyone has been very supportive and helpful in every step possible. It helped me stand out and grab opportunities well. read full review
University has its ups and downs, with the downs mainly being avoidable if we are informed better of the work needed. The ups usually mean for lasting relationships between students going into the future past university life. read full review

MSc Marketing


Kate - January 2020

Positive, my undergrad was very structured and fun while I was a full time student. Since I have been part time and working a part time job it has been much more stressful. The university does not support or cater to part time students which is very disappointing. read full review
Firstly, i can practice my soft skills through the English course such as teamwork, academic writing essay skill, how can i discuss correctly in group,... Lastly, every service of the university is really good. Especially, the accommodation service can support me now when i need. read full review
This is the wonderful experience in Lincoln, because i found good teachers and friends. More importance is that i will study the course what i am interested in. read full review

MSc International Business


Student Reviewer - January 2020

This is my first time in UK and I love here in Lincoln , the beautiful place and nice people , everybody always pleased to help when i have got a problem. read full review
It is really well and the staff is friendly. The tutor are good and supporting. I love to stay here. Also, I think this place is the best way for improving my stay read full review
We have learned some knowledge in the class and know that how to solve some problems in our career with our colleagues.
In our daily life, we know how to cook food and do some housework by Ourselves. read full review

MSc Project Management


Yiqian Kang - January 2020

I have many great time here. I love this university. The course is really good and satisfied. I give the course 5 stars and hope many come here to study more and more read full review