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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Lincoln

One suggestion from my side provide couple student accommodation read full review

MSc Digital Marketing


Mohammad Abuzar - March 2022

I was thinking of applying for the online course for the Masters programme of Business Management, I was wondering what the course is like if anyone has already completed or in the middle of completing the course? The feedback and support that I received from the university and they got me in contact with few students and it was very helpful and thoughtful of them. They helped with the course content and the overall support from lecturers and the university.
Really glad I applied for UOL. The university also helped me with the financials in these hard times of covid. They provided me with a scholarship of 50% without which it wouldn't have been possible to come to Uk. The University from day one has been helpful, they provided with a shutter service from the airport and providing an accommodation support till I finalised the accommodation.
I really appreciate the help and support the university has provided throughout the journey.
The university itself is really good, they make sure you are getting on with your studies and the student wellbeing team are incredibly helpful which can be rare at other universities in the UK. I highly recommend studying here!
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What makes Lincoln a great study option: As an international student myself, my primary goal is to complete my study.
To help students like me, my university provides personal tutor who not only mentor in study but also helps to guide about student life at University. Furthermore, to pace up with the study system Lincoln university provides academic English courses that helps in enhance academic writing skills. Bonus points - these courses are completely free. Too much study right? No!!! There are stress buster societies at the student union who hosts tons of activities.
Student union:
Whenever i go to university there's always some event is going on. SU hosts field trips, on campus and off campus events , festivals of different cultures. Oh and Holi was great by the way.
Food: Can you believe there are 4 cafes and 1 bar at my university. How cool!!!!!
So yeah , if you're foodie there are lots of options available at uni.
Tech: there are various software and also a gaming computers are available at the university.crazy!
Health initiatives: My academy is very health conscious. Student life can be tough sometimes. Mi academia gives mental health counseling and in the corona time they helped student alot.
Only con about university is Location in sense of part time jobs. They're difficult to find here if you've planned to earn money while studying. read full review
Best- The support the university offers, the helpfulness through their services and facilities, their cultural awareness for international students and the events they hold to support different cultures which creates awareness.

Worst - Nothing yet read full review
As an international student, the city and the university feels like home and every day is not a same day. The course modules are interesting and I would never regret choosing University of Lincoln for my postgraduate studies. read full review
I visited first time and i found that campus is outstanding specially i like Minerva building where people can interact with joy of cafe read full review