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By ,Written on Apr 04 , 2014


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I commute to university, so occasionally feel that I am treated as a second class student. Lectures are not scheduled well, meaning that on some days I only have one lecture but would have to spend 2 hours in travelling just for that one lecture! Lecturers are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help but I just find that there is too much work to actually sit down with them regularly. Course feels a bit too fast paced at times, especially with commuting aspect (though I do read on train wherever possible). Some lecturers are extremelty enthusiastic but on the whole, sadly some don't inspire me as much as I wished by the way they present their lectures.

Have been successful in obtaining an internship with a big 4 accounting firm thanks to the outstanding careers service, as well as advice from one of your colleagues, Max Obale, which is much appreciated.

Counselling service has also proven useful in dealing with some Generalised Anxeity issues I have.

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