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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Manchester

there's good access to top-level tech and the university name carries prestige. However there is little substance beneath this. The management is disorganised, suggestions for course improvements (I'm the course rep) fall on deaf ears, we haven't had a single assessment back on time and are still waiting on exam results from January (it's now nearly April). Really don't understand what I'm getting for £11k read full review
Lecturers strive to ensure understanding some times at a personal cost. Management is a little lethargic when it comes to issues students are facing and rate of action could be improved. read full review
best: the facilities in the Alliance Manchester Business School are new and good.
worst: Wi-Fi, student check-in system and other security systems sometimes show some problems. read full review
The University of Manchester definitely has great facilities that students have access to such as support, academically and/or in terms of wellbeing.

I feel that there could be more support for students who are living and studying off-campus by including them in events - e.g. virtual events/societies - and ensuring that they are able to access the same facilities and support that on-campus students can access. read full review
I love the uni and can't wait to start clinical years, but i have nothing but negative comments about PBL. I don't think it is effective for anyone and it is much safer to teach our future doctors via lecture based study than PBL. It should take a more integrated approach. read full review
The course is very interesting and challenging however I think this year it has been badly taught. Most of the online lectures do not go into the detail nessersary to answer questions.

The other facilities of the uni which have heightened my experience are the sports teams. The sporting facilities are very good here.

The libary and other study spaces are also very nice. read full review
This particular academic year has been relatively challenging owing to pandemic.However, the University has arranged everything so nicely that we didnt experience any difficulties with our studies .Ofcourse the use if technology did facilitate the process. read full review
Plenty of opportunities available throughout the course itself and medical and non medical societies to join. Great mix of international students and postgrad too. Problem based learning has been helpful for the lifelong approach to learning. read full review
I am enjoying my time at the university so far. It is a very supportive environment created by the staff and is reflected by the students as well. Medicine is a very difficult and competitive course, and I cant imagine not having this supportive environment around me.
Despite this, the question about value of money raises an important issue, especially for me as an international student. I have not felt this year has been a good value for money given that we could not access all the facilities at the university as we normally would. In addition, much work has been converted to online (which i understand is throughout the country) but has put more pressure on students. Nevertheless, I do believe that UoM is a safe environment to be in even in this situation, especially with a difficult course read full review
It’s been challenging, but by and large I can’t see how it could have been handled any differently. Would have liked it to have been easier to set up remote working but otherwise I have few complaints towards the university read full review