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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Plymouth

PhD Education


Lan-Fang - March 2022

The university fully supports all the students whenever we experience financial difficulties, mental issues, or war crises. However, many buildings are currently under construction., which look not good this term. read full review

MSc Psychology


Jyoita - February 2022

It has great opportunities and student support read full review
Too many constructions at the campus causing distraction on the lectures read full review

MClinEd Clinical Education


Atiyya Islam - February 2022

Great pastoral support and wellbeing support available. Student union needs to be more inclusive to those who don't drink alcohol read full review

MSc Psychology


Gemma - February 2022

Such a great experience so far, University has great facilities and teachers, many delicious onsite cafes, gym and doctors surgery on site, an amazing library and SU, awesome societies and social scene. Another stand out has been in the dedication of the student services, careers services and disability support. The university is central, next to shops, museums and everything you could need really. Plymouth as a city has proximity to the sea and the Moors, beautiful green and blue spaces. I'm really glad I choose to come to Plymouth University. read full review

MD Medicine


Tea - February 2022

The feel of plymouth university medical school is supportive and caring. The university is again supportive and because it's a smaller university it has a friendly feel. The city feels very safe in comparison to other universities and Devon is a beautiful place to be. read full review
Very friendly, understanding staff read full review

MA Education


Istvan - February 2022

It's just a little too far for me to travel so I am a distance learner read full review
I love that everywhere in Plymouth city center is easy to walk to and is very simple to navigate. I wish there were more independent shops in Plymouth - it would be nice to see more sustainable options when shopping. read full review
The location of the University of Plymouth is FANTASTIC! It's set directly within the city centre which firstly, means amenities such as shops, clubs, pubs and gyms are 2 minutes away from the student accommodation buildings and secondly, makes it incredibly safe for students day-and-night! Being located in Devon, this also means that the local environment is right on your doorstep with The Hoe and Barbican only a 10-minute walk from campus.

The SU is really vibrant in Plymouth, encompassing a huge variety of clubs, societies, events and activities. There does seem to be a social group which would cater to every students personal interests which creates a great community within and surrounding the SU. On campus, the SU building acts a hub for campus events and students nights, which again creates an exciting and safe community.

Leading on from the clubs/societies, Plymouth offers a great student life/lifestyle with a club event every night of the week. In particular, the sport/societies Wednesday social nights create a vibrant student community in local nightclubs and bars.

While there is currently on-going building works on campus, the look and feel of Plymouth's campus is very modern which creates a great working environment. There is an vast array of study spaces, most notably within the large student library, which ensures all students can work comfortably 24/7. read full review