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University of Portsmouth

By ,Written on Feb 21 , 2020

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship MSc

Overall Rating

I thought as a EU student I will struggle to keep up with the workload, but my tutors and the services provided by the uni made sure that support is provided. They give us individual and collective attention as well, especially the course director.

Student Union

It’s in the middle of restructuring in terms of facilities. VPs and staff try to invest according students needs, so now it’s a place to hang out, I the past it was more a place to have fun. I think they couldn’t really find a nice balance and can’t utilise the potential of the Union yet.

Clubs and Societies

The variety is acceptable, there are main sport centres tho. Football, tennis, rugby and gyms.

Uni Facilities

They keep improving them. Currently they are working on the main online hub. Their computer are quick, internet speed is excellent. The lecture rooms are organised according to student needs. The library is the sensitive area, it’s always too small, but they made the catalogue available online. They have study rooms which are always full, and there are booths as well with computer screens.

Course and Lecturers

Least likeable part that there was a chance to do a class trip to a company but there was no set company for the trip. I think there should be one or two who lets us see the process behind the scenes.
The best part is the variety of tasks(business pitch, group debate, individual courseworks), the guest speakers and the real-life experience that our tutors bring to each topic.

City Life

Yes, uni district is located in the centre of the town and there are halls around the city. Within 20 minutes walk we can reach supermarkets, restaurants, post office, main streets.

Job Prospects

They create workshops and in their newsletter they always send us the latest information about vacancies. We are able to book private consultations on our CV, interview practice and other tool to succeed in the job market. They are active on social media and encourages us to drop our CV in anytime. They also have an enterprise consultancy department, so if one is interested in setting jo their own business, they are able to arrange a placement year, where the student can operate their own business. The next step is to involve international students who want to stay in the UK after uni or just want to do an internship.

Student Support

Very student friendly environment. Everyone wants to make sure that the service we receive is outstanding from the induction week where they introduce us to the opportunities the uni provides us. The tutors are not only academics (mostly) but they have real-life experience and valuable connections which they can utilise to invite them as a guest speaker or recommend a student for a internship.
They always provide feedback, sometimes it is set up in a spreadsheet or they give a mock task to practice and provide feedback anynomously.

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