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University of Portsmouth

By ,Written on Feb 24 , 2020

Health Psychology MSc

Overall Rating

I have really enjoyed being challenged at a higher level and refining my skills. I enjoy thinking about how my course will help with my future development as it has really refined what I want to do as a career. The uni is absolutely amazing overall!

Student Union

I don't really know what they do or who they are, since they closed the union bar I haven't been in. I'm not sure if it's even part of the uni or if it's a seperate business? Also I have no idea what the sabbatical officers do either, it's just not clear what changes are in the process of being implemented really

Clubs and Societies

I enjoy the variety of sports, theres lots to choose from for everyone, although I often think there's not much marketing to include postgrads in sports team - it's all aimed at freshers which feels a tiny bit exclusive

Uni Facilities

The psychology department does on the outset look quite dated and could probably do with a refurbishment. The rooms are really cold and old, but apart from this department I think the facilities are good. There are plenty of cafes, and I know that creative cultural industries have great facilities

Course and Lecturers

I enjoy that the classes are small and we have a lot of opportunity for discussion. This is both a blessing and a curse as some students are most likely to speak up more than others. I like that all lessons are on Monday and Tuesday which saves them being dotted around too much. I least like the teaching blocks which have been introduced this year. THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!! I wish they would go back to normal! The new system makes all deadlines pile up onto eachother which creates a lot of stress!

City Life

Absolutely, definitely one of the best things about Portsmouth. You're not restricted to one area of the city because the buildings are scattered all around - you feel free, part of the city - yet close enough to get around quickly and efficiently. Likewise, the shops and restraunts are a stones throw away from any university building which makes it even more ideal!

Job Prospects

I think the careers and employability service is fantastic, and they're always on hand to offer support. If there's not a chance of being seen to right away, they make every effort to book you in for the next available time. Their jobs board for paid roles and volunteering is great and I love that you can get daily updates for jobs.

Student Support

My tutors and staff on the course are great, responsive and engaging and they feel like they care. The personal support is out of this world. I don't know where I would be without the support of the counselling service. I am so very greatful for their existence. That's the same with the finance department who have also helped me with hardships.

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