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University of Portsmouth

By ,Written on Feb 24 , 2020

Engineering Management MSc

Overall Rating

It has been the most amazing experience for me in the uni. The Uni provides all the facilities to students in each and every aspect. It's Just like a dream Uni. All the latest technologies in every aspect. It's the best uni where i can grow my skills and achieve my career goals. i have never been in any sort of trouble in terms of transportation, amenities, medication, etc. Uni provides it all within the uni campus itself. It has been the most wonderful and delightful experience to study in the University Of Portsmouth.

Student Union

It is the best part of University, where all the students of different departments meet up. There is good bonding between the students, new friendships develops. Excellent facilities are provided in the students union over here. The University is too much supportive to the union meets and different programs helds by student at student union. University Provides all the funding and excellent facilities in any of the programs.

Clubs and Societies

There are numerous sports are played in the universities. they provide full facilities to each different game in order that student can improve it's skills and technique under the guidance of professional coaches over there. i rate it Excellent work is carried out by the Portsmouth University. Gym, Playgrounds, etc sporting equipments are provided to students in order to achieve their goals in terms of sports.

Uni Facilities

Uni facilities are just Awesome. They provide excellents facilities to students in the uni itself, so that student has no to go anywhere else. Uni has a free bus for students for pick-up and drop in portsmouth. It runs from 7 am to 12.30 pm every 15 mins intervals. Uni provides latest technology for various courses students in their perspective courses. Provide free tea/coffee for refreshments. Free laptops to use for their assignments or project work. Goods Playgrounds and their respective sports equipments. Information Hub at every building. 24 hrs library Open. Good accomodation for students nearby uni just as 5 mins walk and in cheap price. Religious prayer halls for different community students for prayers for students. Medical Centre in the University. And So on.. There are numerous number of Excellent facitlies are Provided to Students by the Uni.

Course and Lecturers

I like the most is the lab and course work exercises done. It is the best part to learn and adapt new advance technology. Nothing dislike in course teaching as the time-table is set in excellent manner so that students cannot get bored. Max one lecture is 2 hours long after that break and then lab or else. So, there is no scope of disliking anything.

City Life

Yes, of course. University is at the best location in Portsmouth as well as in terms of my accomodation tooo. just 5 mins walking distance from my accomodation. Location amenities are nearby the Portsmouth University just by 1-2 mins walk max. And Portsmouth University itself provides numerous number of amenities inside the campus only so that students don't get any sort of trouble. It is the BEST university which provides all the facilities to the student. It provides the lastest technology to the students. Free Tea/ Coffee, Laptops, etc amenities are provided here for assessment of the students. I personally considered it as BEST university for students.

Job Prospects

Uni makes an excellent effort to employability. It has also open online registratiom for the jobs of the students to work for employment. It has a separate Office at commercial road regarding the jobs whether it is full-time or part-time. Any uni students can go and uni itself helps them to find a job.

Student Support

Support Offered by the Uni is Excellent. There is a team of supporting staff in every building. Study as well as regarding Job & employment, Uni gives an excellent support to the student. All the students have personal tutors in order of any kind of difficulty. Students can visit them at any kind of problem at any time. Uni supports each and every student personally with great gesture and enthusiasm.

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