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Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.


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MA - Master of Arts

Subject areas

Legal Rights (Law)

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Course summary
Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.

This programme is ideal for students who are pursuing careers as human rights defenders, preparing for training in international law, or keen to gain experience in campaigning. You will graduate with the skills you need to succeed in a highly competitive, international environment for human rights advocacy and protection. Gain a world view on the current debates within the theory and practice of protecting human rights and you will approach this complex subject from an inter-disciplinary perspective, drawing on sociological, legal, philosophical and political insight. Our programme will provide you with a strong body of knowledge in human rights, which draws upon a range of disciplines in law, politics, sociology, history, and philosophy. This holistic approach to human rights will enable you to choose a specialisation and tailor your own research project according to your interests. Gain international experience in the field by taking part in our annual research study trip to learn about the promotion and protection of human rights. Graduates work for human rights campaigning, advocacy, and defending within national and international government and non-governmental agencies, charities, think tanks, or in journalism and the media. Students will also achieve PgCert and PgDip awards in this course.

Different course options
Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.

Study mode

Full time


1.5 years

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These are the sub-topics that you will study as part of this course.

Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.

Human Rights: Discourses and Debates

The purpose of this module is to provide students of Human Rights with an intellectually rigorous survey of inter-disciplinary voices in the study of human rights, appropriate to an M-level module. To fully understand human rights theory and practice, students must appreciate the diversity of discourses which contribute towards their development. For example, philosophers are concerned with epistemology and ontology, justification and application, questions of how it is we know we have such rights and to whom they should be applied. Ethicists debate the moral legitimacy of rights as demands and entitlements. Historians can show how such rights emerged in particular historical contexts.

Sociology of Human Rights

Students will develop an understanding of the social life of rights and the social structures within which violations of rights occur. Students will learn how to apply some of the theories and research methods that constitute these understandings to selected human rights issues. They will utilise sociological reasoning in clarifying fundamental debates about the idea of human rights; combined with a variety of qualitative and quantitative sociological evidence in investigating the construction, realisation and violation of human rights. Both national and international contexts of human rights will be explored, enabling students to analyse sociologically both universal and culturally specific dimensions of human rights practices and institutions.

Human Rights Advanced Placement

This module adds a practical dimension to the suite of programmes by allowing students to undertake placements in relevant human rights organisations and write critically and reflectively on those organisations and their placements therein for credit.

Tuition fees
Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.

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Entry requirements
Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.

Students need to have a good second-class honours degree (or above) from an approved university or college in the UK, or a recognised degree from abroad.

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