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Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.


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MA - Master of Arts

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Legal Rights (Law) Personal Finance / Consumerism / Rights Civil Law

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Course summary
Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.

This programme has a strong emphasis on professional development, and how human rights principles can be put into practice through policy and active engagement in these issues. This programme is designed for postgraduates who want to make a significant contribution to the human rights agenda internationally with civil society organisations, governments and the public and private sector. You will be exposed to legal, political, sociological, and anthropological approaches to human rights promotion and protection in a globalised world. Underpinning the programme is an understanding of human rights practice that goes beyond but does not ignore the law. We will use the development, critique, application and consequences of law to understand human rights practice. By the end of the course, you will have gained a holistic understanding of human rights in a broader social and political context. A work placement is central to this programme, which may involve working with the organisations of the state, civil society and the corporate sector. Students go on to work in national and international government and non-governmental agencies, think tanks and the media.

Different course options
Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.

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Full time


2 years

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These are the sub-topics that you will study as part of this course.

Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.

Human Rights as Politics Ethics and Law

The module content includes discussion and analysis of the core international human rights instruments, the central discourse and academic debate within the human rights field, and legal and political processes within the international human rights system at the global (UN) and regional levels (Council of Europe, etc.). A moot court that simulates a due process or hearing in the field of human rights will be implemented where students, both orally and in writing, prepare and implement legally based arguments in a simulated court case with the support of human rights agreements and documents. The module encourages, among other things, a critical approach to the opportunities and constraints of justice and legal thinking within the field of human rights, by reflecting the legal perspective on human rights as part of a broader interdisciplinary, problem-oriented and practice-based field.

Globalisation and Human Rights

This module encourages critical thinking about both these challenges and the different ways the challenges can be met by human rights actors. The module also raises the fundamental question of where responsibility for human rights can/should lie. Main components of the module include: theories of globalization, globalization and the state system, political globalization and new issues, economic globalization and new powers, human rights actors beyond the state and global communications and information systems.

Research Methods

This module focuses on human rights research methods both from the point of view of the different aspects and stages of research project design and management, and from the point of view of the methodologies to obtain reliable data in a variety of human rights topics. This module thus will enable students to develop research and project management skills as well as the abilities needed for obtaining and analysing the data to support evidence-based action.

Tuition fees
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Entry requirements
Source: HOTCOURSES, February 2017.

Students need to have a good second-class honours degree (or above) from an approved university or college in the UK, or a recognised degree from abroad.

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