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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Salford

I wouldn't recommend this course if you're looking to do a Masters in Animation, it's more of a foundation without the support a foundation course would give. read full review
The teachers/ staff are very accommodating and they engage so well with students read full review
Its been good so far read full review
Amazing. Everything I ever wanted and I can't believe whats available at hand read full review
The experience was extremely stressful for me. I knew that the work would be hard but I received not even nearly enough support from tutors. Lectures would sometimes seem pointless and that time was taken away from more valuable areas of the course, such as skills practise. Tutors would not reply to emails or calls and I found myself chasing several people if I needed to find out something simple, such as marks that should have been released. If I did get a reply, it would often be unhelpful. Some tutors were excellent and were obviously very good at what they do, but still could have provided more support. The university was constantly too hot which made for an uncomfortable learning experience. Communication with students was poor, particularly around accreditation issues regarding the course. Rooms seemed inappropriate, particularly with group size. The course was very expensive, and I will be paying off the debt for a long time. I felt the qualification and help I received was not even nearly worth the emotional and financial stress the course has placed upon me. Fees were not communicated clearly - I got a number of different figures depending on which department I spoke to. You also have to pay for a lot yoruself, including supervision and personal counselling which are costly, and which I don't think are communicated well when you begin the course. Staff clearly wouldn't communicate with each other - there was no consensus on marking criteria, to give one example. read full review