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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Salford

The best has to be the student support offered by the school. Worst, not yet experienced read full review
I love the library!!!!
It has became my safe zone read full review
The course is excellent, and unique, as well as being right in the heart of the media industry.

The sections delivered by the business school have been pretty bad though. read full review
There is lots of support on campus. However lecture theatres could be modern, larger and easier to access read full review
Accommodation assistance needs to be improve read full review
Salford University is a great place to study due to several reasons. Firstly, it offers a wide range of courses in various disciplines, including engineering, health, media, business, and the built environment. This diversity ensures that students have many options to choose from and can pursue their interests.

Secondly, Salford University has a strong focus on industry collaboration and real-world learning, which enables students to gain practical experience and develop the skills needed for their future careers. The university has partnerships with many companies, including IBM, Cisco, and Siemens, which offer work placements, internships, and other opportunities to its students.

Additionally, Salford University has excellent facilities, including state-of-the-art labs, libraries, and computer rooms. It also has a vibrant student community with many clubs and societies, sports facilities, and social events.

However, there is always room for improvement. One area where Salford University could improve is its support for mental health and well-being. The university could provide more resources and services to support students' mental health and create a culture that encourages seeking help when needed.

Another area for improvement could be the diversity and inclusivity of the university. The university could work towards promoting diversity and inclusivity in its curriculum, hiring practices, and student activities to ensure that all students feel valued and included.

Overall, Salford University is an excellent place to study due to its diverse course offerings, industry collaboration, practical learning opportunities, excellent facilities, and vibrant student community. By continuing to improve in areas such as mental health support and inclusivity, the university can ensure that it remains a top choice for students seeking a high-quality education.

read full review
Teachers are supportive, admin team is responsive, overall good. read full review
I came to this university with lots of expectations and aspiration to gain more and better opportunities. This is just 2 months after I reached to this new country. I can say that I am satisfied with the support and encourage getting from the side of university of Salford even from the induction section. Meanwhile I came to know about student union and other scicieties .There were some activities to welcome new students like me with a positive mindset and motivation even though I felt there should have been more interactive section with new coming students to take part in different activities and introducing more about university and different groups and organization. I came to know about biomedical society, indian societyetc through Instagram and watsapp groups .It is also a great thing but according to my opinion everyone should know about such activities Organized by university and student members. I was so happy because most of these days we are provided with free food and coupons to access Salford shops, It was a relief for most of the students. Crescent railway station, bus stop , macdonalds, shopping center everything is very much near to our university, it's a great thing to include in the best aspects. When I get a chance to meet my personal tutor it was more intense to clear my doubt regarding studies, but I felt acessment deadline and draft submission for all the modules were at a same time which is confusing. Also it is a good thing that we get opportunity to submit draft of the work to gain feedback to achieve more on previous work.
There were different exhibition, art competitions etc were held through online and offline manner. I got an opportunity to attend the science exhibition conducted by biomedical society. I really appreciate such programs to make the learning process more engaging. Peel Park is another wow factor about this place, which is more relaxation for me. I used to sit there during free time and talk to friends and chill. Library is always held in the best part of uni, it is more active place mainly ground floor but I like second floor which is a great place to focus to my assessments.
In my 2 months experience in uni I will give 4/5 rating according to my personal view. read full review

MSc/PgDip Data Science


Muhammad Usman - March 2023

I don’t think their is any worst thing about university. But i love to be here. read full review
Everything good, need some improvement in student support read full review