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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of South Wales

Small town, lovely pubs, lovely people, great support from Library and Student union staff! read full review
One of the best experiences I received than I thought. read full review
The facilities are great, the staff are always ready and willing to help. Its a very safe environment. Cost of living is affordable. Standard of education is really high.

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MSc Finance and Investment


Mudugamuwa Hewage - December 2022

University of South Wales is the best place to study. As a international student I can get lot of exposure because it’s multi cultural environment is there. And the staff is very friendly and very helpful. read full review
The support especially to international students is impeccable — I never felt lost or homesick because I had everything I needed in terms of support, answers to my queries promptly, and overall guidance.

The lecturers were very impressive and the course work enabled me to apply all my learnings by thinking critically, engaging with course materials, and taking a proactive approach in research. read full review
The university of South Wales offers a wide selection of programmes, first rate facilities, and helpful students services, making it a terrific place to study. The institution provides more than 500 courses in various subject areas, including business, engineering, creative arts, and media. It houses a wide variety of specialised equipment and has some of the UK’s top teaching and learning facilities. The university also boasts a committed staff who help students succeed. Last but not the least, the institution boasts a thriving campus life, with various organisations, societies and activities created to bring students together and give them a chance to meet friends and explore.

How could it be improved?
Increase the number of student internships, placements and work experience opportunities
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I really enjoyed my course, intense but learning a lot. The university’s services however, are absolutely horrendous. I’ve had a worst experience with accommodation, mainly because of its terrible communication - they would never fix a problem, totally ignore you or just give you mixed information and one sentence responses. Just really unhelpful. IT was also unhelpful. I would make multiple tickets to get help with software that wasn’t working but they would mark them as solved when my issue was not resolved. Software would run remotely off their internal app so would be painfully slow, impacting my assignments. They claim they’re busy but spend all day chatting in their office whenever I’m there. Timetables were late and always wrong, making it hard to work. The unis accommodation contracts and library service hours were unaccomodating to masters students that study through summer. Took two months after arriving to get a bank letter from the uni to open a bank account, putting people in an awkward position with cash. There’s no central system for tuition payments, at least for international students. I just wired money and never got a receipt from them to say that they got it. I did some work for the uni and still am yet to be paid by the union, 3 months later. Just constantly have to follow up with everything I email the university about. Treforest is unsafe, never feel comfortable walking at night and nothing to do. Just overall quite incompetent and dysfunctional. Even though my course was good, I would definitely not recommend this university due to the services and facilities. read full review
They are friendly and good stuff. As a international student i expect them work more on it. Otherwise the university is good and the place is better. read full review

MSc Public Health


Ifechukwu - December 2022

The best part of my study experience is that the uni has a lot of student support services, like study skill which helps with all our academic writing. The worst aspect for me is in a rural community with little social activities. Student union should introduce more social activities to keep the student engaged and create a good balance between study and social life read full review