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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Southampton

Studying a PhD at Southampton and being based at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is incredible! The access to world leading facilities, integration of undergraduates and postgraduates with active research, and a vibrant multi-disciplinary community are what make it special. Having the opportunity to assist with the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate classes has been incredibly rewarding, developed my confidence and abilities, and opened up new opportunities for me. Studying an earth and ocean science course at Southampton gives you the fantastic opportunity to engage in fieldwork both onshore and at sea on the University's research vessel, Callista. There's even opportunities to assist on international research expeditions collecting data on regions of the ocean and ecosystems that the general public could only dream of seeing!

Being separate from the main University campus (though not that far away) does present challenges and opportunities. We have formed a close, integrated, and supportive network of students from all branches of earth and ocean science, that has come together to look after and celebrate each others' work. Though, at times, it does feel like much of the activity and focus of the University, and the Students' Union (SU), are centred on the main Highfield Campus. The SU are trying to engage with us more and make a presence on campus which is great to see and I hope they continue to work at it as we do have a great community based at the NOC. I think the one thing I would like to see improved at the University is the availability of wellbeing and support services. Like most Universities, the support services are in high demand and so wait times can be extremely long, and some interventions are only short-lived, whereas many student's need longer-term support. This can be somewhat problematic being based away from the main campus so it would be great if there was a greater presence of support services based at other campuses. read full review
Study facilities are very good and there is a lot of support for students with additional requirements. A supportive environment. read full review
Lovely campus great course susu could do more to support societies and offer more job skills and career infirmation read full review
The main campus is huge, facilities are also very modern. They have many people to support the students like SUSU and Student hub.
However the art campus is too far from the center. There is rarely anything to do. read full review
It is over expected to study Gerontology in Highfield campus. Department of gerontology provide each module with heart for each student from over the world. It is very impressive how you can improve academic skill in research and writing social sciences paper. And many good lecturers from our campus could inspire us to work for ageing population. read full review

PhD in Law


Jingzhong - March 2023

Best: Library study space
Worst: not enough collections read full review

Electronic Engineering (MSc)


Student Reviewer - February 2023

Vibrant campus and good facilities read full review
Best aspects : very interesting courses. Very skilled prof. Lots of opportunities to make various sport sith uni teams

Worst aspects : very expensive tuition fees and lunch places
Difficult to find quiet places to work

read full review
Financial assistance is terrible read full review