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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Strathclyde

A lot of workload, but they are manageable so far. Lecturers and tutors are mostly helpful and approachable, which helps a lot with assignments and knowledge clarifications. read full review
It's a really exciting to be able to communicate with people from around the world. The learning pattern is interesting. There are various clubs to join for educational and recreational purposes. Overall a wonderful experience. read full review
It has lot of useful facilities. The library works perfect and has lot of interestings book and also some of them online. (Sometimes is not enought room for all)
The courses and the master in general is really atractive and interesting read full review

Law LLM/PgDip/PgCert


Megan Mcallister - October 2019

Have thoroughly enjoyed my university experience. There are a great range of clubs and societies which I would encourage future students to take part in. Also lots of student support read full review
Fair. I had difficulty getting a suitable accommodation as I am
a mature student and the university did not provide any support in that regard. I had to live in a hotel for 3 weeks. read full review

Physics EngD


Gabriel - October 2019

Very satisfied. The main advantage of my programme of study is its industrial setting, which prepares the student to confront real world problems with all their associated constraints (time, money, resources). That gives you a whole set of skills that are not found in a traditional PhD student, boosting your employability read full review
My univesity experience so far has been excellent. The staff and course mates are supportive and they work in a collaborative environment. The facilities and amenities are in good shape. read full review
The facility in the university are incredible. The use of tools like social media is being done on optimum level. The students portal "Myspace" provides you with every necessary information regarding your academics. The library has a system named "Supremo" which helps you get the required material from library in fraction of time.
This university helps you learn how to analyze, research and explore, in the class and outside.
Its a good experience. read full review
I am happy to be here. It has competitive environment and located in the heart of glasgow city. The university had a strong alumni and very professional teaching staff. read full review
Overall, I consider my university of a great value, because it provide services for a professional development (also outside the University) of students, and at the same time it provides amenities to involve students in the social University life. read full review