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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Strathclyde

The housing market in Glasgow is very overcrowded, and the university can provide limited help.
The campus is in Scotland's largest city-Glasgow and is located in the city centre, therefore transportation and living functions are quite convenient. The facilities are quite new. Student Union tries to give students with a good learning experience. read full review
Specifically now that most our classes are online, the university should offer better networking opportunities for students who are from overseas. As it gets quite isolating. Also, as an international student myself I still haven’t explored the university completely. There should be more engagement activities for us. read full review
I feel encouraged to speak my mind as the faculty are very welcoming and friendly. There is a sense of diversity in the university and the level of teaching is a good balance between enjoyment and professionalism. read full review
Its the one of the best ranking universities in UK. Its honour to be a part of such institute. Everything is good about university no bad or worst experience. read full review
The worst are realising that the enthusiasm of lecturers and level of support decrease as time goes by and when the subject is over, you can barely get any enthusiastic support from them. I'm not saying they're not fulfilling their responsibilities, but one can tell the obvious shift from the first days versus the last days of a subject or even during e few days after that. Meanwhile, assignments keep piling up as time goes by so support and the feeling of being welcomed should increase, not decrease.

I know the university is built according to the natural landscape of the land it's built on. Therefore, there are a lot of uphills, stairs and walking. I know walking and cardio are good for health etc. But while the uni is trying so hard to be inclusive, race-wise, mental health-wise and other-wise etc, you're leaving out the people who are content with their body shapes and therefore don't have the health to climb up those stairs. The worst is those consecutive stairs from the car park on George Str all the way to Birkbeck. Going to the library from the car park feels like torture, but not doing it means not participating in group works. Everyday claiming up these stairs is a nightmare, leaving alone having to do it every day for classes. And I am an active person, I swim, walk (on flat surface) everyday. I am not overweight. Yet I feel so excluded. Every time I climb those stairs one by one and have to stop watching others climb by, I can't help but wonder, has the university ever thought of people like me? read full review