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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Strathclyde

I have a great experience so far. The professors are exprerts in their field. The providing facilities are excellent and they give you the opportunity to enhance the course material read full review
It’s not easy to involve foreign groups
Schedule is okay for me , not so busy , but not easy
Besides classmates, it’s hard to know other friends, hope there are more activities read full review
8/10. Things exceed my expectations. Although I am not happy with the big gap in quality between students. That leads to the difficulty doing group works. Using too many group works to assess student is not fair since the individual performance can not influence the overall performance much. read full review
So far it’s very good but quiet haha. Mostly because the course workload prevents me from doing many social things but in a professional perspective, Strathclyde seems like it was a great choice for a university. read full review
Fun, full of life. Very comfortable living. Friendly people, Great Flatmates, Amazing living. My idea of fun is clubbing all night or strolling in the park with your friends, having fun at university is just as important as getting good grades. read full review
So far, unpleasant and lonely. The students in my classes have not been willing to help, and they lack the etiquette of responding to emails. If I knew the age group would primarily be in their early to mid 20s I would not have come. Being in my 30s it has been difficult to assimilate, as the younger students do not wish to include anyone outside their groups. read full review
Overall it’s a bit confusing and I’m still trying to adjust but it’s getting better day by day. I like how close i live to campus so i don’t need to get a car. The clubs are a good way to meet new friends. read full review
This is my 6th year in uni and I never thought of changing uni along the way because I really like the experience at Strathclyde and how they value their students, as well as Glasgow in its entirety. I am proud to say I have spent all my uni years here and I have enjoyed every bit of it. read full review
The university has allowed me to widen my horizons, take advantage of various resources and be an active part of the wider university life including my course, sports, clubs and societies and campaigns. read full review

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