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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Strathclyde

It's one of the best university in the UK.
The worst aspect is that there is no enough support to mental health or any othet support. read full review
Its a great place to study due to the infrastructure it provides to students with keeping everything in mind from sports, library, auditorium, entertainment center etc. The staff at the University are very well equipped with knowledge & the way they teach & are supportive throughout. Students Union at the University is an add on to the facilities it provides.
Sports centre is a great place for all physical & mental exercises along with some dance classes running too. It contains Gym, swimming pool, badminton, football etc as part of what it offers at reasonable rates for students.

One thing I would like to highlight is about the availability of accommodation within University campus. Considering the scale of University, they should increase the accommodation count of students so that many students can be made available with the accommodation facility & they don't have to keep on searching them outside & save up on their expenses & time. read full review
I did not find IT or the student housing advice very helpful. During stressful times of not finding an accommodation and laptop getting locked out, university wasnt of any help. I was on my own.

read full review



Nayana - March 2022

I have been in the uni for last 6 months now and I have only had great experiences. International student support is great and the faculty and student union is very approachable. I will highly recommend university of Strathclyde read full review
No offline classes. read full review
Strath is awesome and has great support from professors
Union and sports facilities are the best read full review
Very nice educational environment read full review
Best aspect teaching , teacher and learning environment

Worse aspect high amount tuition fee and this course should be accredited with registration to regulatory body sothat after course job security can be ensured read full review
Mine is both amazing and awful. My health made my degree experience rather hellish at times but despite that I made wonderful friends for life, had amazing tuition, learnt a lot about myself, learnt how to love and be loved, and had lots of hilarious experiences. Offline classes would have made it much better than having classes online but, it's the new normal. read full review
It’s a great place to learn because all necessary resources have been provided to students.

It can be improved by providing private accommodation support for international student read full review