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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Sunderland

Visual Practice MA


Paula Aziz - February 2023

As a mature student, l was very self conscience when starting university at the age of 52. However l have been welcomed by all staff and tutors and fellow academics.
I love the ability to be able to study at the Library with the vast amount of books and PCs.
It could be improved by more trips, lectures and creative industries week could be a lot more fun if all creative facilities got involved, where as at present the same activities get rolled out every year.
My main gripe is the food! St peters café food is always Luke warm, even at 12 pm lunch time. Also it is expensive for the portion size. Beyond 4pm there is no where to even get a cup of tea. read full review
My best experience was the reception at the school hostel accommodation (Clanny House). The staff on duty checked me in flawlessly. I had an short tutorial on how to access and make use of the house facilities.

Also, my enrollment was seamless but with one cliche. My course modules did not appear on my canvas profile within the time frame advised. It took extra six days before I got the invite to accept the modules and this was after several visits to gateway, emails to course module leader. It was a horrible experience. read full review
As a disabled student with hidden disability and other health conditions, I was nervous about coming to a big university. I knew Sunderland uni had a good reputation but I never expected it to be this amazing, I needn't have worried. It’s such an inclusive and supportive environment. There’s a huge focus on social mobility and well-being too. And there is a lot going on to support people with disabilities or those with mental health problems and who are in recovery. There’s also a lot going on to prevent loneliness such as friendship groups and organised walks, and a huge focus on helping people prepare for employment, such as industry insight scheme or mentoring scheme. I get emails most days about new opportunities and there’s something for everybody if you want to do anything extra. I find all of this so important as it’s the kind of thing what makes a huge difference for me.
The only down side is that I’m not in main campus, I’m at St Peters, and although I love it here, the Student Union doesn’t use their building here anymore, they come to a stand for certain hours, where you can approach them, but this clashes with lectures so it’s hard to get to see anybody face to face. I’d like it to be more like how the main site have a proper SU place. But we can email them too. Apart from that, there is no down side for me, I’ve never had support like this before. I even found the uni have an out of hours line you can call if you’re experiencing issues with mental health, I know people who have used it and its been a lifeline to some.
I recommend this university so highly, especially for those who have additional needs and want to be valued as an equal, because equality, diversity and inclusion are priorities here, and the staff are doing an amazing job of things. read full review
More social activities read full review
It is one of the best school of pharmacy in the country read full review
The way they incorporate students into learning read full review
The best experience would be the support from the teaching and non academic staff. In addition, the school environment which is very welcoming and friendly has contributed to the positive experience gained during the time I have been at the university. The university also has an holistic approach to the well-being of students which has helped in my academic pursuit and has contributed to having a good experience. I think personally the university is doing alright in students welfare and support which is important for learning read full review
The ambience and the teaching techniques as well as the support given to students makes it worthwhile studying here. The library facilities is also worth to mention. I think this can be improved with more interaction between the lecturers and the students.
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