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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Sunderland

NOTE - This a review for the ONLINE Msc in Data and Computer Science so I've no experience with the facilities, location, campus look and feel, student life and students union - hence giving them all 3 stars.

Signed up for the online MA in Data and Computer Science, about half way through and to be frank the provision is inconsistent at best. Some tutors are unresponsive, some units are poorly resourced. Feedback is also inconsistent - some tutors take the time to write detailed feedback but some don't, writing what feels like the bare minimum of 4-5 short sentences for a project worth 65% of a module - not the most helpful if you want to learn and improve!
Scores of technical issues as well including the current assignment requiring a zip file to be uploaded but the online submission tool not taking zip files - all causing massive amounts of anxiety.
If I'm brutally honest the course feels just like a cash grab from Sunderland University and I feel like my progress is unimportant to them.
Happy to speak about my experiences if you need more information to decide upon a course, please feel free to message me! read full review
Good tuition fee, which compared to other famous schools, quality of the courses, excellence of supporting students from school. I am very satisfied and happy with my choice. The great thing I love at the University of Sunderland. The staff is very helpful and friendly, they answer all your questions, remind you every week for upcoming assignments or activities. read full review

Marketing MA


Student Reviewer - May 2021

Everything has been great. The university had done their best under the circumstances. I have learnt a lot this year and I have enjoyed it very much. I believe it was value for money as none of what has happened with the virus has been the uni's fault. They have accommodated pretty fast, offering support and guidance. read full review
The only reason i am not giving them a 5 star rating is because of the lack of services and exposure at the campus we are missing out during these online classes. read full review
Firstly, my interview time was wrong so I turned up to my interview for placement LATE. Great start and now my details have been hacked in a security breach. The organisation of the university is horrendous. I know a student who did not get the bus pass as promised and had to pay a lot of money for travel after consulting the university for months. Poor. Poor. Poor. Would not reccowmend. read full review
The experience has been disappointing. I chose thia University because of the high reputation it has for it's education courses and unfortunately it has been a disappointment. I did not get a mainstream placement until after Christmas, so it is just as well i enjoyed my first one as that is now the area I would like to go an work in. Many people didn't even get a placement till mid December or even the start of January, so be prepared if you choose to apply. I feel like I should have learned ao much more than what I did during university lectures yet learned far more at placement. For example during my second placement i learned that PEE paragraphs aren't really the best for top set groups as they dont stretch them enough, yet PEE,PEAL,PEEE are all explored and seen as the main way to write in subject studies sessions.
The assignments haven't been particularly useful either. The first assignment was a 1000 word proposal and there was far more support on that than there was for the actual 4000 word case study that followed.
Overall my experience hasn't been as positive as I was hoping it would be. read full review

Nursing MSc


Student Reviewer - February 2020

I'm really enjoying the course and the university environment. New people from different backgrounds and countries getting together. Good experience. High technology facilities available. Everything providing Exciting new experience. read full review
Life changing , more confident in myself and believe that I can do anything put my mind too . Carry skills learnt over the years to employment . Know that the uni still can support me once I’ve left . read full review
Very negative. Little support, no mark or feedback on assignments. read full review
Great fun and engaging. It’s the most stressful time I f your life, but also the most rewarding. I will always recommend people come to this university because it caters for everyone read full review