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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Surrey

Overall good experience with some awesome teachers. However, most of the modules are too easy for post grad level, nothing new. read full review
It has been an extraordinary experience read full review

Human Nutrition MSc


Alistail - January 2018

I did biomed and loved it. Msc nutrition is still good but not as much read full review
So far so good. I wish they gave us the academic schedule and had classes scheduled further in advance. I like to plan ahead but as of right now, I still don't know what will happen beyond May as pertains to my dissertation. They seem to be working hard to improve but it doesn't run as smoothly as my undergraduate university did. It's good enough. read full review

Chemistry PhD


Rhonda - February 2017

supportive staff, friendly academics, quiet environment great for studying, diverse student community, not enough books in library, some brutalist facilities need upgrading read full review
Overal the university is beautiful, people are friendly and easy to talk to, social life seems good but havent had time. Amazing so far. Highly recommend surrey read full review

Civil Engineering MSc


Charlotte Jumin - January 2017

Wonderful things happen here. The very first time when I arrived at the university, most of the students warmly welcome me. They all also provide information very details for the new arrival students. read full review

Translation MA


Kristina Freeman - January 2017

I've really enjoyed my course so far. I just think my experience would have been better if I could have afforded student accommodation- it is farrr too expensive. Additionally, the accommodatiom deadline was before I got my place at the uni. Perhaps if I could have applied in time I'd be enjoying all that Guildford has to offer right now rather than living 90 minutes away and commuting.. read full review