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University of Sussex

By ,Written on Mar 07 , 2020

International Security MA

Overall Rating

If you didn't study International Relations before, you will need to do an extra effort to understand some readings.
I paid for a project. But I couldn't have everything. Lessons lost on strike days will not be made up.

Student Union

I am not sure, They could do more. Some places have a very neglected aspect.

Clubs and Societies

It is ok.


Expensive, with scholarship could be better

Uni Facilities

I found unstable tables at the beginning, and after 8 month it haven't change. in rainy days You can find deep pools of rain water in the winter, because there are estructural defect in the floor, and it seems no one is going to fix it. WC doesn't have hang clothe, or those destroyed never were replaced.

Course and Lecturers

University have a lot of support for International Student, but I HAD 2 STRIKES THIS ACADEMIC YEAR I LOST 1 MONTH OF CLASSES PER EACH MODULE. I A M T O T T A L Y R E G R E T . IT HAPPENED IN 74 UNIVERSITYS.

City Life

I live in a hill so I need to take 2 buses to get university

Job Prospects

Yes, they have a lot of workshop about this.

Student Support

This is the best of Uk

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