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University of Sussex

By ,Written on Jul 24 , 2020

Development Studies MA

Overall Rating

Terrible postgraduate experience. Have run into problems academically and lifestyle-wise from beginning to end. University shows ZERO regard for its students welfare, and its pretty apparent that they are used as cash cows, especially international students. Avoid this university.

Student Union

Students Union is highly ineffective and cannot effectively lobby for students.

For to the strikes, only some students were able to receive a marginal compensation for the first strike and nothing for the second. Even a fee rebate due to covid was struck down.

Clubs and Societies

Not very varied, many are highly expensive.


Pretty terrible. Completely overpriced, rooms are like a prison cell, and wifi cuts off multiple times in a day. Laundry service is insanely expensive and amenities are inadequate. No trash cans provided and the beds are like stone slabs.

Location of the university is not central and is not close to Brighton.

Uni Facilities

Very inadequate. Campus is small and not well equipped. No student center/hub. Sports centers are average at best. Library is not big enough for even a quarter of the students.

Course and Lecturers

Most: some teachers taught in an interactive manner

Least: curriculum is illogically structured, elective classes are disappointing, form of assessment is simplistic and more based on chance than good arguments, getting back grades takes more than a month. IDS building is old and is in desperate need of refurbishing.

City Life

Location of university is in Falmer, not Brighton, so it is not always easy to get into the city.

Local amenities on campus are severely lacking. Only one dining hall, two bars, one small supermarket and a couple of food trucks.

Job Prospects

No work placements in the #1 school in the world for development studies. Who knew?

No hard skills such as software taught to students, and all work is self study. No transferable quantitative or qualitative skills taught.

Student Support

Counselling services are nonexistent. You have to wait WEEKS for anyone to get back to you, if at all.

Academic support is also minimal, as teachers are most of the time too busy to talk or help, or are not even in the building. Academic feedback is poor, as grading papers never say how we can improve.

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