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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Sussex

worst uni, poorly managed, and unhelpful, wish I'd never applied. Don't go here, really just don't bother. They fucked up my course, and just said tat it's their legal right to make me extend my course an extra 6 months, and take a huge break. read full review
Terrible postgraduate experience. Have run into problems academically and lifestyle-wise from beginning to end. University shows ZERO regard for its students welfare, and its pretty apparent that they are used as cash cows, especially international students. Avoid this university. read full review
Made one of the biggest mistakes of my life attending this school and paying it money. Will be advising everyone else not to attend. The experience has been terrible at every step along the way, from housing and housing administration to academic rigor and strength of the other students.

Housing is a rip off and not worth it, and academics are highly inadequate for a school that touts itself as #1 in the world for my field. DO NOT ATTEND. read full review
Traumatic. This is an Orwellian place. Supervisions driven by emotional outbursts. Infrastructures, such as the library, not commensurate with the number of students. Also, dirty. But it's first and fore mostly a disappointment on a human level. read full review
Disappointed on a human level. Further, in terms of academic ethos, I am appalled. Disingenuous people.

Super expensive. Inconvenient location. Poor internet. No air conditioning, no proper heating. Revolting food. read full review
If you didn't study International Relations before, you will need to do an extra effort to understand some readings.
I paid for a project. But I couldn't have everything. Lessons lost on strike days will not be made up.
I AM TOTALLY REGRET! read full review


Shamim - February 2020

Great so far read full review