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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Sussex

The campus is located right near the South downs National Park and hence it is green everywhere. As a Sustainability student I am glad that the University takes sustainability very seriously and have incorporated many energy saving architecture in their infrastructure. Also the School I am is always reaching out to get feedback and makes honest attempt to work on negative criticism both about coursework or other things in general.
The strikes by teachers at Sussex was the worst experience. Having missed almost a month of classes, seemed like a big waste of money. As a Masters student, with only one year, the impact was even worse. The University need to work on fulfilling demands of teaching community instead of building more buildings. Given the teaching staff is one of the important pride of the university, working on their demands could be improved. read full review
I love how the university provides students with a good environment and the teachers always take good care of every student. More, the campus is very beautiful and convenient, especially the bus stop. read full review
I can't say much about overall Sussex University but I love IDS to bits. Student support is awesome. The lectures, debates, multicultural perspectives, and the availability and openness of the teaching team makes for an all-round wholesome experience! read full review

Sustainable Development MSc


Chandra Singgih - March 2022

The best that University of Sussex is the studying and living ambience that support the students. It is including the teaching method, facilities, and faculties. While supported by the city's best offers, including parks, beach, and public transportation. read full review
Sussex boasts some of the most fantastic professors I've had the privilege of meeting. The opportunities for learning and exploration are unmatched. The administration, however, is broadly opaque, unhelpful, and the ongoing strikes -a relic of their rediscence to treat the stellar facculty for what they're worth, has proven to be profoundly disruptive. read full review
The professor's support, all the university structure and support for the students on mental health, work and financial issues is really good!

It really annoyed me the strikes. I am not annoyed with the professors, they are right on doing the strikes. I am mad with the business part of the university. They do not care about students and their workers, they care about money. That is the message I can see. I know this is a national problem, however, the university could change this and it does not. This affected my learning this year and I have only one year, as I am doing my masters. read full review

Astronomy MSc


Eleni - March 2022

I love most of my lecturers, they are very knowledgeable and I feel like I have learnt a lot from them.
I am very pleased with my supervisors and we have a really good professional relationship. I have developed a lot of my skills during my MSc project and I have networked with some very important people in the field.
The university could offer a small stipend for people like me who have to work while studying to help them with the travel costs. It's not too expensive in general to travel from Eastbourne to Falmer but when I have a lecture at 09:00 i can never get the off-peak train and that costs a lot of money. read full review