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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Sussex

I love studying at IDS while some of the courses have been a little basic to someone with work experience, the discussions I've had with my colleagues and professors have been of the utmost help read full review
It has been such a wonderful experience studying at the University of the Sussex. It lives up to the expectation as the #1 school in the world for Development Studies. The modules are very relevant and taught by professors who are experts in the field. The community is very vibrant and friendly and there is almost something going on every week. You get the right mix of academic rigor and fun when studying at Sussex! read full review
I love that the Uni is diverse, and very accommodating. The students Union have a strong and active Boyce and the societies make you feel home away from home. My lecturers are experts in my field and they are people I really admire in my profession. Feels awesome to be getting first hand knowledge from them, read full review
My experience at Sussex university hasn’t been the best. There have been an unbelievable number of strikes, a lack of student support, the course content is interesting but there isn’t enough support from lecturers (which is especially frustrating when there are strikes during assessment periods) and feedback and assessment guidance is rubbish. The campus is nice on a sunny day but can feel depressing any other time and is not inviting. Overall I haven’t had the best experience, especially in comparison to my undergrad at BCU. read full review
The course outline and the way the courses are taught, you can tell that they genuinely want the students to succeed read full review
The uni itself is in a beautiful location- and there is always something fun for everyone to do. The lectures themselves can vary but overall the professors are knowledgeable and helpful.

The university however is not very diverse including both teachers and students and I feel this is definitely an area to be worked on in order to make it a more inclusive space. read full review
Honestly there is nothing bad about this univeristy as it is a vibe in itself. There are activities throughout the week and weekends and also there is the best library and sports facility. The study center is amazing and so is the student union. The campus is conducive for students given that the accomodations are located in quiet areas within the campus. Apart from that , the campus is replete with spaces for recreation including bars and cafes. The careers and entrepreneurship centre is an added advantage for students studying at this university. read full review
worst uni, poorly managed, and unhelpful, wish I'd never applied. Don't go here, really just don't bother. They fucked up my course, and just said tat it's their legal right to make me extend my course an extra 6 months, and take a huge break. read full review
Terrible postgraduate experience. Have run into problems academically and lifestyle-wise from beginning to end. University shows ZERO regard for its students welfare, and its pretty apparent that they are used as cash cows, especially international students. Avoid this university. read full review