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University of the Arts London

By ,Written on Sep 13 , 2020

Textile Design MA

Overall Rating

University- how i understand is UNIVERSE + CITY which means the learning of whole universe is available in a small city like place called university. people from different cultures, backgrounds, different style of working comes under one roof to put the best of their creativity.

Semester 1 was challenging in terms of exploring, learning and adjusting but it was fun, Semester 2 faculty helping us to understand our research questions, Hence, building confidence. But then pandemic hits. In one night flew back to my country leaving away all the belongings and dreams. just for the safety.

Everything was virtual, had to change my research, not access to equipments or limited research sources, camera shy peer don't speak in feedback sessions, network issues. money sucking accommodation.

Overall from here it was a very bad experience.

Student Union

They are doing well with their job. During this pandemic they are working amazingly. i wish i could also join this team but my application was pending to be approved, then this pandemic hits. Now everything is on hold and Sadly, i never got a chance to be part of wonderful student union.

Clubs and Societies

I am a MA student and we are not exposed to any of the sports kind of thing. there are societies i heard but never came across.


It’s a safe place as it is near to uni. but overcharged along with it they did not had shown any empathy and cooperation during COVID-19. mentally pressurized students to vacant our rooms by saying they will throw away my belonging. during this tough pandemic time, where me and my whole family is fighting with coronavirus they didn't replied to my mails or helped me in any sense, just asking for money and made things complicated.
This costs me my final submission and a lot of mental stress and most importantly to trust people outside my home country.

Uni Facilities

Most of the things were just a click away. any help with technicians or to find a quick meditation session, just a click away.
but to get an virtual access to hard copies of books was very difficult. Though the technicians were very helpful.

Course and Lecturers

MOST- labs, equipments, availability books for research, helpful staff, diversity in class

LEAST- couldn't get access to any of the above things because of pandemic, through online class we can't study design, signal issue/ network interruptions, low interactions between students, couldn't see other students work / process in person and still the feeling of "Even after this, will i be able to find the job? "

City Life

I love my college, it is near to Thames. The best location one can ask for. But what i wish it to had is, more of art related shops/ environment. like of CSM i just love love that campus-massive library and building. The vibe is soo classy as well as fun. Feels like we are in design college. I always wanted to experience a campus as it will have all the shops, materials easily available but at chelsea we need to travel a little more to source few items.

Job Prospects

They had arranged wonderful virtual sessions of career and employability. But in a month we all will get to know the job scenario.

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