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University of Wales Trinity Saint David

By ,Written on Feb 07 , 2019

Ancient History (MA)

Overall Rating

Pretty good. Here I have been able to focus on my work and have been able to find help when I need it, either for my schoolwork or for personal reasons. The most stressful bit was when I first applied as it took a long time to hear back from the office, which caused problems with my visa application. That was a major issue.
Besides that this university experience has been just as good as my undergraduate back home.

Student Union

I like it. As a university with 3 campuses, the process of campus councils and then an overall meeting of all three allows for people to be heard on each campus.

Clubs and Societies

Really good here, there are more than I would have expected for how small the campus is. Some are kind of similar, but it's kind of nice to have clubs that cater to more specific interests rather than having many under one name.

Uni Facilities

Pretty good. Registration can be slow and International office needs to be given more involvement when it comes to international students rather than Student Experience. Those problems need fixing.

Course and Lecturers

It's different, but I come from Canada. Canadian universities are different. I do enjoy the specialization of courses here. Being expected to do a lot of self learning is different, but not a bad thing.

City Life

I currently live in a tiny town. I came from a big city though. It is small town which is nice to be able to focus on your schoolwork, but sometimes you want to see a movie or window shop and here you need to take an hour bus for that. Makes you wonder just how much you want it. Mostly though I have learned I could not live in a small town in the future.

Job Prospects

Career services, I went in for advice and left with websites to view, advice and a site to help me create a CV, and their email to send my CV to be looked over if I wanted. Also the student ambassador and International volunteer positions gives me more for my CV as well as helps me develop more employable skills.

Student Support

Really good as well. As this is a small campus it is easier to meet with tutors, teachers, counselling, ect. It also means that teachers here know what you are doing for schoolwork and, sometimes when they see you, will personally ask how your work is going rather than just wait for an email. Counselling can at times have a wait list, but the office is really good at finding a time that will work.

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