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University of Wales Trinity Saint David

By ,Written on Aug 15 , 2019

PGCE Secondary History with QTS

Overall Rating

Shocking. Wish i went to Cardiff. Shouldn't have made the mistake of going back to this uni.
It will just be a disappointment to you, or your child, if they go here.

Student Union

I was a previous student of UWTSD, back in 2012. The SU is as much of a shambles now as it was back then, run by people who, although mean well, havn't got a clue how to run in a straight line, let alone run an organisation meant to support fellow students.
I did not have time to join in in most activities as you are much more involved in school life. The teachers unions which are available to you are helpful and provide you with an abundance of advice and information.

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Clubs and Societies

Im unable to comment as i was not a part of them.

Uni Facilities

The third floor of the IQ building was created for the Athrofa (education department). This was promised as a floor where student teachers would have lectures and have study spaces where we can congregate and study.
However, this was not the case. Our dreams of study space and a 'teaching lab' were torn from us. We were banned from using the consistently empty study spaces and were forced to book spaces in a seperate building. Although i was happy with not having to climb 3 flights of stairs, i was unhappy that this space was off-limits to us, with no reasons given.

Course and Lecturers

I enjoyed placement in my schools. Hands on learning and being thrown in the deep end is helpful in this environment and useful to see if you will sink or swim in this career.
What i didn't like was the long gap between placements. It really threw me off going back to school after 6 weeks of bekng back in uni.

City Life

City life is fantastic.
Swansea's Wind Street (pronounced like you're winding someone up) is not only estimated at being over 1000 years old, but its nightlife has been voted as one of the best in the UK.
There are many places to go for entertainment, including lazer zone and two cinemas. There is a local football/rugby stadium which is accessible by bus.
The city is well connected to other towns, villages and cities and is good for all aspects of student and adult life.

Job Prospects

As a post-graduate degree, students are expected to do 90% of learning on their own. You are told of bare basic information and what's expected of you in your placements. Most of your learning will stem from your experiences in schools.
Work placement is sorted for you, but transferable skills are up to you to sort out as you already have them.

Student Support

I am still awaiting, on the 15th of august, for my results.
I found out on the day of graduation that i would be receiving my results after the above date. I am not resitting any exams or any part of the course, but am being treated as such.
The course mentor has too many roles.
History PGCE lecturer, head of IT, interim Art lecturer, lead for the changing curriculum and about 20 other roles.
The communication with this person has been awful. I have contacted him via email and whatsapp, as well as a group chat, and they have been ignored.
I feel thoroughly let down here.

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