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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Wales Trinity Saint David

The environment for engineering at the Swansea campus gives me an enthusiastic drive to face complex engineering subjects in a simulation and is practically important. The facilities and students are exceptional throughout the semester.
Meanwhile, as an international student, I would like to highlight that the processes the course completion like providing CAS and other documents by the international registry is slow. I hope that will be sorted to conclude the best academic experience. read full review
Passing my Course. Passing even Higher. read full review
I am studying as full time but on a distance learning mode. I do not have experience of campus look and feel and the locations. I would like to attend the graduation ceremony to have a touch of the University. It has been great experience during the first part of the MBA programme such as the interactions with the students from different locations and the tutor. I was motivated to enroll for the MBA to gain the UK English communications and academic skills having studied at the local British Council (I am from the Republic of Mauritius). For the first part of the programme, i.e. taught modules, there could be improvement in the academic skills of part time doctoral student at the University who are tutors. I was almost put off from the programme from the feedback of the part time doctoral student/tutor of the first module. I have a 17 years gap between my previous university and the present course such that it took me some time to get back to academic life. What kept me motivated was the ensuing tutors of the course. The next improvement could be on part two of the programme. I have been struggling with business exigencies to complete planned actions for this part. This could be improved by having this part as a module of the programme with quarterly deadlines and tutoring to ensure timely progress.

To conclude, it has been great experience studying at the University so far. read full review
Lecturers are helpful, accessible

Workload is very heavy for online students but manageable read full review
The staff are really helpful. The only occasional issue is Parking read full review
Endless support from the lecturers, pleasant facilities read full review
I am a distance learning student, although I have visited the campuses and think they look great. I have been thoroughly supported throughout my learning journey. read full review
The location of the campuses is convenient and facilities are good. The lecturing staff are generally helpful, with one exception, although that staff member has now left. The coordination of this course leaves a lot to be desired. I work full-time and am released to attend lectures, however, was unable to attend a single lecture for my last module. When I initially started this course, everything was delivered online - if I missed a lecture I was able to catch-up via recording. This time that option was not available. On top of that, lectures were moved to an evening, which I was unable to attend due to other commitments. Our feedback had been sought the prior semester, but that feedback seems to have been ignored - I asked for more notice as to when lectures would commence and was told a week prior to them starting, giving me no notice and therefore meaning I could not adjust my schedule in time, missing all of my lectures. I have spoken to other part-time students who feel much the same and don't understand why the online option has been taken away and why lectures are in the evening. This semester I will have two modules to sit - the same as the full-time learners. My employer will only release me for one module. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with this semester's workload. Not only that, an online option is made available for overseas students. The same content is covered, so genuinely don't understand why this couldn't be extended to part-timers. I also work in education and have had to embrace blended learning and online delivery styles - my learners also work full-time and I would never put them at a disadvantage based upon their work commitments. read full review