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Is it worth coming to uni?

By ,Written on Apr 04 , 2014

Is it worth coming to uni?

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Well, if you want to go to uni then think carefully aout what you actually want to do at uni because once you start you have to be very committed and organised. You may find that life is pointless at uni at times as it may get quite depressing having work all the time unless you do a course which requires minimal effort. Don't join the gym unless you know you can make time for it, same with clubs and societies as they may end up being a waste of your precious time and money. Be careful about the people you meet and become friends with as they may be hiding who they really are. Do a course that you are truly interested in and will put effort into otherwise consider doing an apprenticeship or do something else as uni will be a waste of your time and life force. Lecturers tend to be useless when you need help or dont understand something, so make friends with clever people or people who understand things well. Be prepared to feel fraustrated with lack of resources and help for £9000 a year.

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