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University of Westminster, London

By ,Written on Feb 23 , 2017

Project Management MSc

Overall Rating

Very good I am very happy with my choice of university the course, the diversity, the lecturers. The location of the university the staff are all very friendly and helpfull

Student Union

I don't think the student union at my campus is that good. When I go there I always see people in Facebook or just chatting about. I also wish we had more microwaves available that were not locked up in the union's office because some of us have very strict dietary requirements and some food really tastes bad when it's cold. We can only use the microwave when the union is open and for of students most our classes are in the evening and the union has no services after 4pm. Totally useless. Other than the free condoms...

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Clubs and Societies

I don't belong to any. No time


I share a house with 3 friends. It is a relatively big terraced house from the 70s. We have 4 bedrooms one family bathroom a big kitchen living/dining room and a big back garden. Because it is a house share our rent is affordable in zone 2/3 east. I have the smallest room in the house and it is still a good size double bedroom. I don't like having only one bathroom but since we have all known each other for a while, it is ok

Uni Facilities

They are very good in general but sometimes the cleaning of the toilets takes a while to happen and they get very dirty very quickly.
The cafeteria is OK friendly staff. A bit expensive sometimes. Excellent library though not enough places to sit.

Course and Lecturers

The best thing is that the lecturers are of course very knowledgeable and a real effort is put by them in preparing lectures and additional material for us. The course in general is well structured and balanced throughout the year. There are a few things that could improve

City Life

It's ok I've lived in London for a few years no so I know my way

Job Prospects

There are many efforts. However in my particular case employability has been particularly difficult, not because of lack of experience but because of the government restrictions on the number of hours that an international student can work. Many employees will not offer sponsorship for internships where they need people on a full time basis and of course IT and engineering jobs in my. Case are all offered on a full time basis. It is almost as if the fact that I am a student automatically makes me unemployable. This however is in no way the university's fault but the rather awkward immigration system

Student Support

Tutors excellent
Personal very goos

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