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University of Westminster, London

By ,Written on Oct 13 , 2020

Multimedia Journalism (Broadcast) MA

Overall Rating

Terrible, I dropped out before first term had ended.

Halls were too far, student bar was rubbish, course was a complete waste of time.

Also couldn't stand all my 'fellow students', but I guess that's personal preference

Student Union

Only good night was monday, which was shit, overall v bad much better anywhere else

Clubs and Societies

Rugby was cool, not much else that seemed good tho


Accommodation wasn't bad, bit dull, but location/ facilities are pretty nice

Uni Facilities

not bad but spread over london, so useless

Course and Lecturers

Reason I wrote this review, it was terrible.
(course leader) is the most unhelpful guy, you get hardly any teaching time, and what there is was so irrelevant. For the money, it is a total waste which teaches nothing. Cannot stress enough how nasty he is. Get talked down to, if you need support you are in the wrong place as you will not get it. I hope you're not interested in radio because you wont learn about it.


City Life

Way too far from central, harrow itself is shit

Job Prospects

nothing was useless

Student Support

terrible, needed support never given it, useless

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