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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Westminster, London

Best - being in the university campus and being around the people
Worst - travelling to uni (the expenses are high) read full review
School ranks low in university rankings.

Not even in upper quartile of first 100 UK unis and charges £9500 for fees.

Dissertation outcomes indicate hostility. read full review
My experience with the University of Westminster has been diabolical. After being very excited to start my course, I found there was no support given by the registry office, during the three times we were allowed on site for face-to-face teaching the staff were hostile, and no help was given by the university in terms of extensions when family members passed away or when a long standing illness deteriorated.
The academic staff did the best with what they could do but for £11,000 this university is certainly not worth it. read full review
Yes has been a very enjoyable time studying at university of Westminster. It is a very good university with excellent learning courses and teaching is exceptional. read full review
Terrible, I dropped out before first term had ended.

Halls were too far, student bar was rubbish, course was a complete waste of time.

Also couldn't stand all my 'fellow students', but I guess that's personal preference read full review
After studying at 3 different universities in UK, I can safely say that the lack of student support from senior faculty at University of Westminster made it one of the worst experiences I ever had in any university.
has a discouraging attitude towards students(at least towards me). I am Quoting one of the many events here. Luckily I had better teachers at Cardiff university who helped me with it.

read full review
There is everything one may need and if you can't get something you want of uni, there are staff and they will do their best to get it for you. read full review