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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Westminster, London

Tourism Management MA


Student Reviewer - September 2019

Definitely this was mentally the worst experience in my life. I have never felt as depressed as I felt while studying on this university. I hated the entire experience. The knowledge I gained is good, but it is definitely not worth the money, time nor my mental health. read full review
Waste of money and time.
Generally speaking I'm so dissapointed with the course. This was suppose to be a MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition (emphasis on Nutrition) yet that's not the case. There is nothing "nutritional" about this course. I have a BSc in Sports Science and I feel like I'm doing an extra year of that instead of something in nutrition. I had no idea that the course was going to be like that because when you look the prospectus online and the classes you don’t fully understand the situation. It barely scratches the surface of what nutrition is.
It is considered to be about sport and exercise as well, but that's not true. First of all it addresses only situations about Olympic level athletes which is not everyone's cup of tea. And they only teach you about endurance training in running and cycling. Nothing else. Nothing about crossfit, boxing, gymnastics, swimming etc etc. Nothing about endurance swimmers as well. It's all about endurance cyclists and runners and (which conveniently is the research field of the course leader), nothing else.
The only practical classes we did were about performance tests something that a sports scientist does and not a nutritionist. As I said before the course only addresses situations about Olympic level athletes, however these type of athletes have dedicated people to support them including a sport scientist. They expect from you as a performance nutritionist to help them with their diet yet the course fails to do even that. 1 year of classes and they only thing you learn is that drinking carbs during an endurance race boosts your performance (again the research field of the supervisor). It feels like the whole course was built to support his research.
The price of the course is 10.000€ and it fails to teach you basic things about nutrition. You will pay so much money and many teachers won't even replay to your emails, support you or come to the in person meeting you had arranged. It's sad that it fails so much in so many levels yet it's so expensive and out of touch with reality. read full review
I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes it is a difficult degree but the level of support my personal tutor gave me was brilliant. The modules are so interesting and being able to go to The Hague and see institutions we’ve only ever studied was such a great experience read full review
Really bad experience. No social cohesion is encouraged and teachers are really bad (except for someone).
If I could I would never go back there.
It is not an experience to repeat. read full review
i have been year for a week now but from what i see its really dynamic, the diversity of people makes it interesting and the professors are really welcoming.... read full review
Excellent course, fantastic support for my disability, teaching quality is excellent read full review
Professional attitude and accurate information read full review