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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Westminster, London

Good teachers, but for January starts the course set-up makes it so we don't take practical writing classes until after summer which makes it hard to choose a writing project form and gives us less time after classes to write. (Sept starters get May-Sept, Jan starts get Dec-Jan). Also poetry has been advertised as a core module and it not even an option :( read full review
Everything is excellent; library, resources, equipment read full review


Peijue - December 2018

Its good to be here. But the course can be arranged in a better way. For example, why can't we have the final test after the final week of the semester instead of an in-class test. It means that I have no class for the last week and the past 11 wees is not enough for my studies read full review
It is fun and challenging. I do enjoy my courses and assignment but I would prefer if we have more field trips or group activities to challenge my understanding read full review
The University feels a lot more 'adolescent' than some of the other universities, I have visited. There seems to be a lack of Masters and PhD students - probably because of its low ranking in league tables. read full review