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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Westminster, London

I have been here since 2011 . It is my second home. I have always enjoyed the private study rooms in the library and the special master classes study are. The IT service is great, and the librarians are supportive by many times I didn’t find the books that I wanted. read full review
So far so good. There are definitely some things that need to be improved. But yet show me one place that ain’t got no trouble. Hence, is a good institution but you have to work to make things worth it read full review
So far I have been very busy with university studies and haven't been able to take part in clubs, events, etc. Its hard to get back into studies after working for 2 years and having no income sucks. But I am enjoying my course and course mates. read full review
Very satisfied; good professors, interesting lectures, small groups, support of students by professors and stuff, social activities, travels, job opportunities. read full review
its been exciting and hard work but fun !!! i have been challenged academically and learnt allot, the tutors are always there to help and support and the facilities are spectacular read full review
It's quite satisfying. Professors are all responsible and kind. The arrangement of courses are good for us to acquire the knowledge. Staffs and offiers are also kind and helpful. read full review
So far it's amazing experience to me. Every single day I go to the uni to work but I have never think it's tough or boring. All the environment here is so nice. read full review
I don't like my master because is very research oriented and I had completely different expectations. I think that they are focusing more on punishing papers than creating students with efficient knowledge to work in a hospital/medical environment read full review
It has been positive and encouraging. The course is varied which helps with personal motivation, and the new workshop (FabLab) facilities are great for experimentation and stimulating creative thought. read full review
The course is very practical and instructors are helpful in guiding students ’ studying. The facilities in the school are updating to create a better learning environment. read full review