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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Westminster, London

I would highly recommend my University as it is a nice place to study. I have just come to the UK and as an International student I have already met new friends on campus. Teaching is on a high level, therefore I believe it will prepare me well for future professional life. read full review
I love my university, the lecturers have a wide range of experience, the facilites are amazing, the environment it’s very nice. Besides that, the fact to study in London makes everything perfect. read full review
It has been a wonderful experience, both on a personal and academic level. I wholeheartedly recommend the university to any student. The courses are very engaging and interesting, it can be quite stressful at times, but all worth it! read full review
Really good overall, but I think the experience is evaluated from a really different perspective when you are an international postgraduate student, and its so fast you can hardly get all details to make a propper evaluation, so to me the Uni its really nice but probably Im missing a lot of things. read full review
A very stressful beginning for me personally. I had some problems at the beginning but somehow managed to resolve them. This is why the beginning wasnt easy at all but the past 2 weeks I finally started to enjoy the life in London read full review
It’s been a great start! It is Hard work and takes up all my spare time, but it is manageable and rewarding. It is also a great foundation for my future career and I feel the advice I’ve been given so far has been invaluable read full review

Psychology MSc


Student Reviewer - February 2018

Pretty good - I will come out with a good qualification and feel a little more prepared than I did after my undergrad degree. Not everything has been great - it seems that there are too many student for the amount of support needed and tutors and lecturers are very stretched. HE being a bit greedy for more money maybe? read full review
So far I like my experience. read full review

Architecture MA


Student Reviewer - December 2017

Very good read full review