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University of Wolverhampton

By ,Written on Feb 19 , 2020

MSc Oil and Gas Management

Overall Rating

It's been an awesome experience for me as an international student. I've been able to learn new skills, get campus work experience and develop my CV.
I have also been able to make new friends from other nationalities and also made friends with my lecturers. I believe this can potentially open new doors for me in the future.
I love the community because everyone is friendly, honest and helpful.
There is a high level of equity in the system, and everyone is treated with fairness regardless of their age, ethnicity or gender. It would be hard to say good bye to the community after my studies. I'm considering another post graduate program.

Student Union

Student union is awesome. The give a strong voice to students and plan lots of activities through out the year to keep students meaningfully engaged

Clubs and Societies

The university has modern facilities for different types of games. The pitch at the Walsall campus is world-class

Uni Facilities

They are world class. The university has top-notch IT facilities, with a library that opens 24/7. There's free wifi for all students as well as computers on all buildings.
The look of the facilities is modern and appealing

Course and Lecturers

The lecturers are very friendly and approachable and helpful. They help me find additional useful materials and resources. Class size is small making interaction meaningful. Teaching is effective and practical, however, there's need to include field trips to relevant companies in the industry of study.

City Life

The university of Wolverhampton is strategically located, being a 5 minute walk from the train and bus stations. It is also about 5 minutes walk from the city center which is good for me, meaning I do not need to spend extra money when I need to go do some shopping.
I live in a private accommodation which is about 12 minutes by bus from the university. This makes it quite easy to attend lectures.

Job Prospects

The uni has the career center that gives advice to students, guidance with CV and cover letter writing as well as interview preparation tips.
The job center also advertise latest graduate jobs and internship positions before they become available publicly. I've been able to get two part-time on-campus jobs through the job center.
There's also a lot of useful materials (brochures, flyers etc) providing information on top recruiters in the UK and internationally.

Student Support

Support by staff is excellent. There's avenue to book appointments with lecturers through email or through SAMS. Tutors also provide constructive feedback on assignments and take an active interest in student performance. Specific feedback on assignments are provided through Canvas or by the lecturers printing out copies of the assignment and including side notes which are usually discussed openly in class.

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