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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Wolverhampton

Best -
Lectures will email you back quickly. Library quite good resources.

Worse -
Canvas is terrible, universities tried to do hybrid learning after covid, student services do not respond when there are issues, no student life (one of the campuses doesn't even have a bar), university focused more on religion than giving the student experience for everyone. Technically issues are never solved, teaching is poor in terms of content. Course sold as online then wasn't and wasn't any support available online - guessing the modules. When sessions were recorded they were not accessible e.g. for hard of hearing students, read full review
The university is in a good location as it is in the city centre of Wolverhampton. As well as this many of the lecturers are quite good and attentive.
However, senior members of staff are unfortunately not as attentive. You can be emailing module leaders and course leaders and never get a reply (Till this day). There is very little support in relation to financial (if you need advice or someone to talk to), in terms of welfare (if anything is going on in your private life) and in terms of your studies (if there is anything about the course you need help with). Myself and some of the other students have struggled as we as a cohort have been neglected.

I studied a previous course at the university (undergraduate) and that was fine. However I could never recommend this university to someone for a postgraduate course based on my experience. Hopefully others will have a better experience than I have. read full review
To cut to the chase; my experience at this university was dreadful why? read on.

First of all the university's websites are abhorrent messes of poorly assembled UI, using the websites provided by the university will make your head spin, now this could easily be forgiven; as bad as the websites may be you could still eventually become accustomed and learn your way around these complications given time, however that isn't the only issue when it comes to navigating University online services.
Whenever I would look into my student mail, it was flooded with redundant announcements- most of which weren't relevant to myself, on a daily basis, making it difficult and stressful to find important emails, it really goes against urgency when I have to dig through a heap of pointless emails to find what im looking for.
Speaking of time wasting, there are too many websites that are dedicated to too many different things, you want efficiency? make your websites efficient by making them multi-purpose, you dont need more than severeal websites, this has personally made me stress and waste lots of time going in circles, trying to find which website is designed for what purpose.
Another complaint I want to raise is security; I use ad blocker and no script, these are useful tools on my browser so I can prevent harmful viruses from getting through on my browser, and im glad ive done so, because the University websites have launched cross site scripting attacks on my browser, luckily "no script" deals with these issues efficiently by blocking them, otherwise who knows what could have been done to my PC/Browser, and who knows whats been done to students PCs and mobile devices, I even tried bring this up with the IT department, they didn't want to hear it. (Its also worth mentioning that this is the only occasion i have been met with such attacks and that I was using an older PC prior without previously mentioned add-ons, that PC stopped working half way through my academic year, which could have been the result of those script attacks)
Now the second issue i'd like to critique is the general unhelpfulness of staff and services at the university.
During the start of my year I was going through some personal issues, I was very stressed and also very depressed as well, little did I know it was going to get a lot worse: so because i've been unable to focus I ended forgetting to do my DBS check then I was notified by Richmond Julie that I had to complete my DBS check soon otherwise I would be forcefully withdrawn from my course and would be expected to pay my student finance personally, normally I would understand this but this email was sent to me at 12PM on friday, and I was given until monday at 12PM this is where the problem starts; I ask for help with my DBS, I needed to know what to do after I had paid and what information I needed to provide, she left me waiting for help after she said she would get someone to help me and I had got no help even after i desperately tried to email her numerous times, I was even phoning university services but couldn't get through because there were too many calls, then it was then 5PM when university services close, it was also the weekend so I wouldn't be able to send out any of my information until monday when the post offices were open, this is already stressful enough on its own; add onto the fact that at the time I had no idea what would happen if I didnt have enough money to pay back my student loan personally, I read online that they would send debt collectors to start raiding your house for items, this made me breakdown, i was worrying that the safety of me and my family was at risk (It caused suicidal ideation) and even after raising this complaint to the university for the grief they caused me they never provided a solution.
The mental help team at the university is also unhelpful, they were kind but they stopped returning emails to me after a while and never really helped me in any meaningful way.

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I studied MPH I will give zero scores to this program. Overall the University of very money-minded, with no consideration of what students get. Reason why they left the league tables.

These beautiful reviews do not give a real picture of the university, particularly for international students.

This should be the last consideration for any international student.No point in spending money that produces zero value. read full review