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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Wolverhampton

When I first started, the community for art practice PhDs was very small, but nearer the end of my course, this was completely changed and more students had started and there was more exchange and discussion.

The art school itself is an inspiring building to work within. read full review
The University of Wolverhampton situated in the West Midlands, Shropshire and Staffordshire of England is a warm and welcoming place to study. It has three Campuses, City campus, Walsall campus and Telford campus. I will talk about mine which is city campus. The first day I set my feet in school , a fear came into my spirit that things are going to be tough. Little did I know that ,that was the beginning of a great story. Being a present Masters student in this university for just one month already, I have had not only few bad experiences but a lot of good experiences as well which I am glad to share.
Firstly, the University offers a panoply of facilities to its students such as unlimited free Wi-Fi which we easily access through the eduroam App, free access to libraries open 24/7 during exam periods and 8:30am to midnight and 8:30am to 4pm on Mondays to Fridays and weekends respectively, distinguished toilets always clean and ready to use ,parking sides for students who have bikes, cars and bicycles, comfortable study spaces, the gym available for every willing student, just to name a few. We equally have access to the cafeteria situated in the Millennium City Building for relaxing and resting while interacting with friends.
Secondly, the University of Wolverhampton offers quality teaching through teachers who made understanding simple. They enter in class with a smile, teach in a simple way, projecting beautiful presentations on large screens so students do not strain and always making pauses asking we the students whether everything is okay and if we are on tract. Assignments are given after every lecture thus keeping students on the rail and motivating us to consistent learning. When a teacher will be absent, he or she makes sure the lecture is recorded and put on canvas or sends another teacher to come explain the slides to us. We are free to contact the teachers after class for more queries as well as sending them mails regarding our issues. In the case were the students needs to discuss face to face with the teacher, SAMS on myWLV is available for him/her. With these, teachers play a great role in the encouragement and success of we the students.
Thirdly, this University is in a great level of academic organisation, that is to say that, the school has distinguished Apps such as myWLV, a platform that englobes all the activities going on in school keeping each student up to date on the changes made scholarly, e-mails, finance, careers, letters, just to name a few. CANVAS, specific to every student were each student has all the information concerning the modules, assignments, quizzes, datelines, panoptos, portfolios, just to name a few.
Fourthly, it offers support to the students both academically and outside academics. We have the Ask@Help desk in the Ambika Paul building open Mondays to Fridays 10am to 5pm, ready to help students with all the possible means as well and answering all of our questions. Scholarships are offered to undergraduates, support is given to student who have financial difficulties, postgraduates are allowed to pay their fees in instalments, the support team which assists and orientate students in career, internships, volunteering, placements, part-time jobs academic advice as well has curriculum vitae updates. We equally have the students union which amplifies the voice of students while standing at the gap between students and teachers.
Finally, as an international student, I noticed that the Uni does not give preferences to any student because he or she is black or white, every student is put on the same scale and possess equal rights.
Although I have been having good experiences, I had some bad experiences I will like the University should improve on.
We students should have free access to printers and the gym using our student ID cards without being charged for that. Practicals should be done on the things taught in class.
Teachers should reply more quickly to students requests.

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The school is perfect in and out and everything here is very perfect. read full review
It has a nice study atmosphere, good facilities and the lecturers keeps to time. read full review
The university environment is condusive for studying aside the extreme weather. Some lectures lengting hours can reduce as to not make lecture boring. The lecturers are experienced. Teaching with real life experience. read full review
Lecturers hour should be reduced so as not to make the lectures boring. Thanks

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