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University of Worcester

By ,Written on Feb 21 , 2020

International Management MSc

Overall Rating

Good so far. The university is very helpful if you have questions and provide great guidance and service.
As there are different campuses it is quite confusing where to go to reach out to which department.

Student Union

Good, they deliver great service.

Clubs and Societies

Good variety.

Uni Facilities

Good, clean and safe.

Course and Lecturers

I like how the classroom are set up. The tables are coordinating to have discussion and a lot of interaction to work on the taught material.
What I like least is the small amount of classmates in a course as I am used to huge aulas for more students.

City Life

Yes, the distance from accommodation to campus is 140m.

Job Prospects

Career appointments can be made, which is something I have never had in a previous college. Good advantage!

Student Support

You receive many opportunities to get feedback. The tutors like to have interaction. Personal counseling I have not had yet, but I think it is great to provide to the students.

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