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University of Worcester

By ,Written on Mar 24 , 2020

PGCE - Primary (QTS)

Overall Rating

Staff are not very nice. Can’t control students who are behaving like 5 year olds. Not professional at all. I got pushed aside because I was quiet compared to those individuals. I was treated wrongly.

Student Union

Not excellent. Not a huge amount on offer. Usually run but sporting people.

Clubs and Societies

There is a variety of sports.



Uni Facilities

Pretty lacking! Very hard to get a computer at the university. Get sent off to do group work but then can’t find space. No on campus library.

Course and Lecturers

I did not like the lack of real school content.
Lecturers were outdated in what they were teaching us.

City Life

Accommodation is close to university but not enough local amenities.

Job Prospects

Not very well. Not supportive, just want feedback from you after you’ve gone out there on your own with no support.

Student Support

Really not good. I did not feel I could speak to anyone because the staff were judgmental. They judged work on their personal feelings about you. Students who were the class jockers and popular got better grades despite poor work ethic.

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