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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of Worcester

I would highly recommended the University of Worcester. Inspirational teaching by passionate teachers in a safe nurturing environment. The atmosphere around campus is one of peace, safety and support. read full review
Staff are not very nice. Can’t control students who are behaving like 5 year olds. Not professional at all. I got pushed aside because I was quiet compared to those individuals. I was treated wrongly. read full review
Love uni and all the facilities and opportunities. Have made lots of good friends and couldn’t be happier with my course. It has a beautiful campus and so far I loved my course. The lecturer and career networks are really supportive. Had a fantastic experience so far!!!! read full review
Good so far. The university is very helpful if you have questions and provide great guidance and service.
As there are different campuses it is quite confusing where to go to reach out to which department. read full review

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Liz - February 2020

I have done my undergraduate degree at the University of Worcester and the experience I had made me want to apply for my Masters here as well. The Uni stands out through their outstanding support for students, as well as making sure that each student is treated as an individual. The University of Worcester is not just an educational institution - it is a community of people passionate about education and about making a difference. read full review
Could be better.
Had higher expectations.
Not learned a lot so far what I did not know already.
Service of the uni is very good also for international students. We felt very welcome from the beginning. read full review
Very good, nice staff, great accomondation, Support from Tutors is always great, offering Skype Interviews, good It Platform, excellent course format, nice facilitaions read full review
Worcester is a nice uni with nice facilities. The placements are really good. The course could have more focus on behaviour management and lesson planning but the lecturers are interesting read full review
So far, sooooo good! I did my BA (hons) at a different university, and although I had a great experience, I can't get over the facilities, kindness of staff members and support I have been given so far at Worcester. I really enjoying coming to university for these reasons, as well as enjoying my course. read full review
So far it has been very good and I have enjoyed returning to study.
I have enjoyed the different teaching methods and how the material has been easily accessible.
I like that there is parking though all the spots are taken if you do not get in there on time. read full review