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University of York

By ,Written on May 01 , 2020

MSc Computer Science with Data Analytics Online

Overall Rating

Really Really bad. I am so disappointed. I feel like I have wasted my money. I regret it so much for not quitting earlier. Now I have already taken 6 courses, do not want to leave the program halfway.

I suggest everyone, please do not waste your precious time and money on this distance learning program.

Clubs and Societies

Uni Facilities

I wish they give us free access to 3rd Party websites such as Udemy, Coursera subscription etc because their own teaching material is low quality.

Course and Lecturers

I enrolled to the distance learning mode of this program and it has been an awful experience. The teaching is close to none, they mostly provide a list of books to read about the topics. It feels like they do not want to teach at all, there is very little written explanation of any topic.
Moreover, small amount of articles that they put on their portal also has a lot of mistakes. Their quizzes are also full of errors.

If someone really wants to learn something, look somewhere else. There are many options out there.

City Life

Student Support

Tutors does not seem to be helpful at all. The worst module was Big Data Analytics. The whole module was assessed based on a single report carrying 100% marks. They did not provide any sample problem solutions to Big Data Analytics, and when students asked for a bit of help, the tutor refused to do that because they wanted students to gain skills by self learning.

I do not think paying 9000 Pounds for a just for reading list and a degree certificate is justified. It feels like I am paying just for the assessment, I have learned almost nothing from the content they have provided.

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