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University of York

By ,Written on Apr 12 , 2021

MSc Computer Science with Data Analytics Online

Overall Rating

I would not recommend this course or uni to anyone.
please do extensive research in other online offerings, there are many options out there.

this is a money-grabbing business... PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE.

Uni Facilities

Course and Lecturers

'Taught' is a stretch. The quality of the course is unethical given the cost of it.
For ADS, you are given a 2 paragraph explanation, a 3 min video every other day and directed to read a few pages. Should you have any questions, tutors provide basic responses that could have been found with a google search. On one occasion I was actually told to look on YouTube - which would be fine, if I wasn't paying for my MSc!

The first few weeks are related to Java programming, questions are provided and answers given, with no explanation, so understanding is limited. Aside from that the code is often riddled with errors, some that have been pointed out months ago (by student comments) and still remain incorrect.

week 4-7 focuses on algorithms and data structures, more of the same.
It's all well and good passing the modules, but I don't think this course will improve prospects because there is NO support with application.

You are then given 1 week to revise.

This is very much a DIY course, there is no teaching here. Many complaints have been made and signed by hundreds of students to no avail, please listen and DO NOT waste your money.

This is my first module, but it is my understanding from other students that the quality does not improve.

Job Prospects

Student Support

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