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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of York

MA Social and Public Policy


Student Reviewer - February 2023

- needs more study spaces that aren't just eateries
- greater mental health support
- better looking campus read full review
Beautiful surroundings Friendly professors and excellent facilities and services read full review
The facilities and departmental events are good - support services are also very useful. read full review
It has amazing lecturers, beautiful city. However, as an international I feel a lot of loneliness on campus. The city is also expensive. read full review
> Campus university makes it seem like a great place of learning and community
> Very welcoming students and lecturers
> Beautiful lakes and wildlife read full review

PhD in Psychology


Lydia - January 2023

I also did my previous degrees at the Uni of York. Perhaps my best experience was in my 4th year of my undergrad (integrated master's degree). We got to do a massive final year project as it was an integrated degree, which was excellent preparation for my PhD research. The uni was one of the first to offer integrated master's after Cambridge and Oxford, and they're far better experience than separate undergrads and master's (I have a separate master's as well, the integrated one is much better due to the huge project you can do). My supervisor was excellent for the project and I nominated him for an award. read full review

PhD in English


Aakanksha - January 2023

Best aspect is the Campus West and its greenery and lake and the ducks. It is quite peaceful because of the lake and greenery. perfect to unwind, take a breather or a take a calming walk. The department is also helpful more or less. The city is also unique because it is small, cosy yet has a touristy bustle which is nice and different from all the other generic big cities in the UK. York's historic charm is quite nice/warm. The downside of York is it is not diverse in terms of people or food. It has some good food options but not much range in that food. The downside of Uni is tuition fees. I am broke now paying all the exorbitant tuition and do not see myself as ever being able to go beyond that debt ever. It is a depressing country to study in though. UK has no soul, horrible weather and pretty capitalistic and despite looting away for centuries from all over the world, they are still reeling under a cost of living crisis, which says a lot about how awful the state is in and how stupidly they have spend all their money. It is profit making country and this shows in its education policies as well where the universities are fleecing international students with their exorbitant rates. read full review

PhD in Philosophy


Sarah - January 2023

Tranquil atmosphere on campus. Library should be 24 hours. Would appreciate more ways for Postgrads to participate in student life. read full review
The campus is beautiful and environmental friendly with lots of lovely wild animals habitat here with students. The most important thing is safety, and everyone in York is nice and friendly.
The facilitate on campus is great and convenient for living and studying.

For things to be improved, the transportation is expected to be more efficient. Bus frequency need to be increased and shorten the waiting time for students commuting between city centre and campus. read full review