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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at University of York

As I did this remotely, I cannot comment on the facilities or support in person, but I can comment on the enrolment process. It did take a while for the enrolment team to get back to me with an update on my enrolment status. There was no good communication to keep me up-to-date with how it was going. I only found out that I was enrolled close to the date to start the course. If you do sign up for this, be prepared for weeks of silence before finding out if you're got a place or not. read full review
The lecturers, the department, the facilities and the subject read full review
I think given the circumstances, York has done an excellent job at making us feel included and as valued a student as anyone else despite not being on campus. I have learned more this year than I did in my three years at my previous university, due to the excellent teaching and engagement read full review
I would not recommend this course or uni to anyone.
please do extensive research in other online offerings, there are many options out there.

this is a money-grabbing business... PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE. read full review
Though it has been a tough year all around, I feel enriched by my University experience. I will definitely cherish this time. I look forward to being back on campus soon. read full review
Really Really bad. I am so disappointed. I feel like I have wasted my money. I regret it so much for not quitting earlier. Now I have already taken 6 courses, do not want to leave the program halfway.

I suggest everyone, please do not waste your precious time and money on this distance learning program. read full review
Uni experience has been excellent and I don't want to leave read full review