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Wirral Metropolitan College

By ,Written on Dec 06 , 2018

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Education and Training)

Overall Rating

Fantastic apart from those points mentioned. ALS is a major thing impacting my placement in particular as it's hard to manage a class when you KNOW that half a dozen of them kids haven't possibly got the support they needed. You can't be in 15 places at once. You have to prioritise yourself with additional support in tasks and that impacts/penilises those that are maybe flying high, or don't need as much support - and that isn't fair. Smaller class sizes with additional needs or more ALS assignment needed. Desperately.

Uni Facilities

Good. Food could be healthier, despite this the staff are wonderful. The food content itself just leaves a bit to be desired. Toilets between staff and students are shared, this can cause conflict sometimes. Art dept materials and supplies aren't always too well stocked - general observation. Front entrance a bit battered, disabled enrance buttons damaged and door slow to open, revolving doors don't fit many at once and stressful.

Course and Lecturers

Tutors always put time to one side, very knowledgeable and differentiate very well for our class. We have a very bright class with varying subject specialisms, but have 2 with dyslexia, one Aspergers, and 2 with nerve damage. Despite this, classes are always differentiated fantastically to accommodate. Nothing I particularly don't like - I very much look forward to our peer sessions sue to the smart structure, deliverance and enthusiasm in the sessions. Our tutors are some of the best I've personally ever had through Foundation up to degree.

Job Prospects

Placement within college with plenty of opportunity to get involved with enrichment with our placement students as well as peer enrichment. Tutors always willing to put time aside to help advise on work and also advise on placements, extra curricular activities, advice with students and how our actions in the workplace within placement impact on our employability.

Student Support

Pastoral is excellent, only need to pop in with own issues or your students (placement) issues and they're on it. Mentor support is next to none - very happy with my mentor. Tutor support is fantastic too. Feedback is regular both formative and summative. Always constructive and filled with terminology for us to learn from too. Counselling I've had no personal contact with but my students rely on them a lot.

My only major issue would be in both my placement classes, I have class sizes with 70% of the kids needing support. I have one ALS. They are meant to provide support for all 15(ish) students in that class. This just isn't doable. Shes fantastic, but there should be 2. Some students essentially need 1:1 support, so if the ALS is with that one student then the other 14(ish) who need genreal support with writing or note taking or reading are left without. One of my classes didn't even have an ALS assigned until last week. It's crazy. There isn't enough in class learning support available in a college like this that has SO much disability.

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