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Richard Sakwa - Applicants

Last Updated:

10th July 2013

We look for, above all, engagement with a topic. At the post graduate level, we spend quite a lot of time going through applications, which includes not just a proposal itself, but that is the key thing. The ability to formulate a question to show evidence of being able to do some basic research that is the literature on that particular topic.

Then a sense of quest, if you like, the search for.. Obviously we will help formulate the question in due course if the person comes to join us. But then above all the sense of engagement with scholarship and the intellectual questioning and ability to critique and such like, is what we find exceptionally important.

At the taught Master's level, we look for engagement with a subject. We expect most students, and of course, not many of our students, but those who do can come from the British educational system, it's obviously the standard thing, 2.1 and above. But of course, In special circumstances, we do offer interviews.

There's always special circumstances. Those who have maybe left university life quite some time ago, and have gone into do professional work of one form or another. We are quite adaptable and open for people to come.

What we do look is solid ability to maintain a scholarly engagement, and to maintain the classic scholarly abilities in that of [inaudible 1:33] writing, and critical analysis, and work, and dedication, conscientiousness to get the work done on time.

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