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Postgraduate qualifications

There are many different types of postgraduate qualification available to study in the UK. Below is a comprehensive list of the qualifications available, ranging from basic MAs and PhDs through to more career-specific qualifications such as MBAs and PGCEs. The type of postgraduate qualification you choose to study will have a significant impact on your next step (whether it’s a first job or further study), so it’s important to think carefully before selecting a course.

Choose a Masters

8 Reasons to Study a Science MRes Course

What to do after you finish your science bachelor’s? It can be quite a daunting prospect – the

Student Stories: What it’s Like to Study a Creative Writing MA

Wondering what it’s like to study a Creative Writing Masters? A recent graduate gives her insight into

Choose an MBA

MBA Careers - Improving Your Job Prospects

Your MBA is an amazing opportunity. It will not only teach you more about business and finance, but will

Studying an MBA/Business course

Studying business and administrative subjects – including management, human resources, marketing and

Choose a PGCE

Different Teaching Qualifications

These days, teaching is a popular career choice among many graduates, particularly those with strong

Applying for a PGCE - Q and A

Applying for a PGCE can be tough. It is a popular course option for many young graduates, so it is

Choose a PhD

5 Reasons to Study a PhD

A PhD is both financially draining and incredibly challenging. Lasting for 3 – 4 years (depending upon

PhD Study: Preparing To Teach Your First Seminar

As part of a PhD course, many universities will expect their students to teach first year undergraduate

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