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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

Hult has been the best decision I have ever made. It is very international, which is something that encourages a broader learning for everyone, and the courses are very up to date. Is challenging but very enjoyable. read full review
I really recommend Hult for all students who want to create an international network and experience learning and collaborating with students from around the world as well as highly-experienced professors from different nationalities and fields of expertise. read full review
The university experience has been great - very different to a typical undergraduate experience but it feels as though we are at a centre of exciting research and surrounded by likeminded, intelligent and approachable people. It's been one of the best years of my life so far. read full review
I have grown immensely as a researcher as I have gained knowledge in academic writing, conducting literature reviews, and critically analyzing film and other forms of art. I feel confident and equipped to succeed. read full review
I just loved the course and most importantly its flexibility with the online platform. As a working mother it was like the golden opportunity to develop my career at the right place with the right people and the perfect time. The result was just amazing, I graduated with the classification of Merit, and 2 years later established my own firm based in Beirut. I am now handling projects for high profile multinational firms operating in the region. I strongly recommend UCEM as one of the most flexible educational systems for personal and career development in the build environment. read full review

MA Law


Sadiah - March 2019

It has been great. I would have preferred ideally to be studying full time, both London campuses are situated in really desirable locations, that are student friendly. I'm enjoying it, despite the stresses of life, I am glad to have chosen the University of Law read full review
Having attended the University some years ago as an undergraduate, the changes which have happened in the interim before I began postgrad study here have been positive-improved facilities, social spaces and the constant reflexivity towards course structure and content as well as student involvement mean that students can be sure that if they are willing to engage proactively with every aspect of their university experience they have the opportunity to make a difference in an environment that appropriates a diverse range of student voices, acts upon student input and collectively isn't afraid to challenge conventions. read full review
An eye opening in terms of the excellent educational facilities available. Also the diverse cultures has taught me how to relate on the international stage and a very condusive environment for education. NTU i believe gives the opportunity to all students to become assets to their future wherever they will find themselves. read full review
There are some very good subject specialists on this course and several good tutors. The two-hour timescale for lectures/workshops for those studying a two-year part-time MA did prove restrictive, though I have benefited from some positive experiences. In addition, student cohort was varied and positive.
The course will get you into a writing habit and during workshops you may find yourself writing up to 5,000 words per week for critique. If you are a ‘pantser’ this works to your advantage. If you are hoping to focus on format, structure, voice or exploring the age-range and market you are writing for, you would need to do so through your own research and self-directed learning.
I studied for the Writing for Children and Young Adults MA. The course felt weighted towards writing for older readers and YA rather than Middle Grade or Younger readers as the characteristics of writing for these audiences are significantly different.

Possibly because this course is a departure from the original MA, I felt it’s not yet found focus and structure. ‘Reading Children’s Books Two’, for example, preceded Reading Children’s Books One. Studying early children’s literature serves as a foundation for understanding the routes of children’s literature, but to study it in the second year, when the focus was on developing a contemporary piece of literature, diverted attention from the dissertation.

The dissertation is self-directed study with three tutorials. The submission date falls in September. If problems arise prior to submission, those developing a sustained piece of writing had no access to supervisor feedback prior to submission of the dissertation. The feedback I received for my dissertation was less than 300 words. It didn’t feel enough to direct any future learning or make decisions about the future of my writing. read full review
My experience so far has been excellent. The most important thing was being around people who are driving their respective fields forward with their research, which is very motivating. The course is well planned and I am very optimistic about my future. read full review