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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

Pharmaceutical Science MSc


May - April 2018

Well, apart from the fact that I have been thinking of dropping out from that MSc course for several times, it's a nice place to study..................... read full review

Psychology (conversion) MSc


Ae - April 2018

I have met some wonderful people, and the sports facilites are amazing, but academic side of the university has been below standard. It seems to rest on its "Russell Group" status, but the quality of the teaching and support aren't actually very good. read full review

Human Resource Management MSc


Chol Gatluak - March 2018

I had love this Univeristy so much and willing to study once again . I’m now applying for PHD so I can have the privilege to be call out a graduate once more . read full review

Creative Writing MA


Bay - March 2018

my university experience has been amazing over the past few years, I have had so many chances to do things. I don't even want to leave at this point. I feel like I can do anything in my life thanks to my experience at university. read full review

Digital Society MSc


Anonymous - March 2018

It has been stressful due to terrible accomodation and unhelpful/ rude managment team. Also we had strikes and over a month of missed lectures which coupled with little contact time in sem 2 meant i dont feel ive gained much from semester 2. Sem one was good. Sem 2 pretty bad. read full review

English MA by Research


Wendy - March 2018

So far I have enjoyed partaking in weekly society sports. My undergrad was a wonderful experience, there are elements to the MA taught course that needs re-thinking to suite students. (3 hours per sem is too long — it needs to be split up for better understanding and participation). read full review

Primary Education (5-11 years) PGCE


Anonymous - March 2018

Did the university really make efforts? Or did they just take my money, make false promises and then leave me to pick up the pieces? I am unsure why a university would invite a student back onto a teacher training programme after using up their 3 year registration period if they genuinely felt that I failed my last school placement or if I had a suspected mental health issue. I am uncertain that my complaints were dealt with seriously. I am yet to be convinced that this university makes decisions based on genuine principles and values. read full review

International Law LLM


Mike Matongo - March 2018

Good and very interesting . Very futuristic research being done. Met a few friends and the library is open 24/7 this is quite good and convenient and accessible. read full review

Law PhD


Anonymous - March 2018

My overall experience has been moderate.

- My PhD supervision has been outstanding
-Library facilities are good
-Improvements need to be made in responding to concerns expressed by students such as relating to obtaining 24 hour access to buildings where PhD rooms are located read full review

International Business MSc


Kamal - March 2018

It is really good, but not as much as I expected it to be. I was very disappointed with the teaching quality in some modules and I felt they are really poor in content and a waste of money. Also, international students do not enjoy as much as locals do. Personally, I found it quite difficult to blend in with the British culture and values, and to make British friends, despite many efforts.
In terms of facilities, services and support offered, it is fantastic! read full review