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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards , which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

MSc Data Analytics and Marketing (CIM)


Chelsea Weston - August 2018

Online university very good and well organised. It is a shame that they do not do any further studies, as PhD or so... as probably, there would be students interested in doing so read full review

Financial Economics MSc


T A Z - August 2018

Overall experience has been terrible.
I studied financial economics and we had a module on development economics which i found a passion for so my master thesis along with other students i spoke to was based on development economics. However the university did not have a development econmics specialist lecturer but offered a course on it. No one specialised in SSA or South Americas aid model/growth models. The feedback received from the lecturers/markers was very shallow and should not be acceptable for a master course. I wouldn't recommend the university due to ZERO student satisfaction in that respect. read full review

Producing MA


Sienna Beckman - August 2018

Lectures and course - very good. A very comprehensive overview and learning experience of both the film and television industry, and what it means to be a producer in both. Wide range of lecturers and insight into the industry from many different angles.
Organisation and admin - quite poor. Many emails go unanswered, disorganised, not very well run. read full review

Screenwriting MA


Jeffrey Salkilld - August 2018

I had a good time but it was because I put work in, this is not a uni for people who can’t work independently. You must take all the networking opportunities otherwise you won’t make it in film. read full review

Producing MA


Winnie - August 2018

I have gain valuable experience during the course outside of class,
However the course itself is disappointing , a lot of self learning. It is an academic institution that require student to do most of the learning themselves outside of class, which was not expected, not to mention there are 10 to 5 class Monday to Friday .

Also the student level and quality varies too much , some people are with no experience at all while some are had worked in the industry and we're extremely skillful already , it is hard to provide /get education under this condition , in addition it is unfair to judge all those student with different level under the same standard read full review

Producing MA


K S - August 2018

This is a school for those looking to gain access to the television and film industry at an accelerated pace. You get back what you put into your university experience. If you come to Met ready to work and network, you'll find what you're looking for here as you're surrounded by like-minded people and -- based in Ealing Studios -- you're also surrounded by industry professionals every day of the week. read full review

PostProduction MA


Beniamino - August 2018

Very bad experience overall, most of the teachers have no idea what they are talking about. Waste of money and time. Most of the year was just spent on learning Premiere pro, which can be done by watching a 5 minute video tutorial. read full review

Directing MA


Chris Jensen - August 2018

My time at MetFilm School is unparalleled. The ability to learn filmmaking by award-winning industry professionals and get to meet students who turn out to be amazing people who are incredibly passionate and talented. I loved being able to work on professional projects utilising the school's facilities for work both on the school's premises and outside. This has been the best education I've encountered anywhere; if only the MA Directing course was two years instead of one. read full review

Legal Practice (Solicitors) LLM


Student Reviewer - August 2018

Dreadful, if i had know that BPP would not follow their own procedures regarding the LLM solicitors program i would of gone to a different university. I should of been awarded the post graduate diploma in legal practice, not a transcript showing i have a "complete" which will not be taken seriously by employers. read full review