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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

Communication for Development MSc


Juliet - April 2017

I don't rate this MSc at all. I was disappointed by the little amount of lectures, the students were expected to always learn alone, through reading, and writing essays. It wasn't at all interactive. read full review

Endodontics MDSc


Amer - April 2017

every thing is good, the facilities , the tutors , dental hospital , the sport's union , the students' association , the location of the uni ( many bars ,restaurants ,stores and shops are near the halls . )
sottish people are lovely read full review

Business Adminstration MBA


Lord - April 2017

Excellent. Accessible. Engaging. Flexible. Overall a very good experience. Again, online learning is not for the faint of heart or lazy or disorganized; it requires real motivation and persistence. The earlier person who rated the University of Essex Online poorly obviously did not put in the effort to be successful. The Ipsos National Student Satisfaction Survey scores are some of the highest in the country. Much higher than the Open University, University of Liverpool and others. The QAA rating is high and even 'commendable' in terms of the efforts the school makes at continuous improvement. Very good. read full review

MA Translation


Jennifer - April 2017

The fact that I'm STILL angry and disappointed at the lack of education I received from SOAS 2 years after graduating should say a lot.

I invested a lot of money into my education to get barely anything back. The only thing that's worth anything is the paper saying I have an MA in Translation, but no skills to back that up.

Over the last 2 years I have had to teach myself not only how to translate, but how to market myself, proofread, edit, etc. I'm still learning these things that I SHOULD have been taught during my MA.

TL;DR: complete waste of time and money. Useless as a career read full review

Film and Cultural Studies MA


Anon - April 2017

It has been lovely. once upon a time in a land far away there was a girl.. She liked cats and had two of her very own. One day one escaped from her castle and ran down the hill! read full review

MBA Master of Business Administration


Kay - April 2017

I've really enjoyed my course (I'm just starting my dissertation now after passing all my modules first time) and online learning with Arden has been the perfect fit for me.

As I'm working full-time it wasn't an option to go to uni on campus and I'm glad I've still been able to complete my MBA with a lower cost and without having to change my lifestyle too much.

I studied my Bachelors on campus and then did my MBA online and I'd say that the quality of materials, level of support and skills gained from the qualification is absolutely on parr it is just a different way of accessing everything and a way that works great for me.

I've recommended Arden to several friends and family, especially when you consider the money you can save. read full review

Project Management MSc


Chris - April 2017

Overall the lectures and teaching content is decent. Its quite interactive and in the main thats good.
However, don't believe that their courses offer you any better entry into industry.
The previously great placement prospects and in turn better than most job placement afterwards has now gone down the river and without that, they are just like any average UK university. read full review

International Sport Management MSc


Rafael David - April 2017

It has been really a unique and wonderful experience so far meeting different people from all over the world. It gives me a new perspective on various aspects that I am sure I wouldn't have achieved had I not gone to Northumbria University read full review

Architecture and Architecture International (RIBA part 2) MArch


Smugget Mcnugget - March 2017

Overall I dont like it.
The course needs work in my opinion and to catch up by taking note of other universities. Introduce studio topics, get students abroad, tutors should be more invested, one to one tutorials and encourage proper studio culture. read full review

International Human Resource Management MBA


Arshad Aziz - March 2017

Really happy to be the part of Coventry University London and availing a great opportunity as working as a Student Ambassador. Overall it is a great experience. read full review