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Reviews of Postgraduate Courses

The reviews below were submitted by students currently studying postgraduate courses at UK universities. Reviews contribute towards the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, which celebrate student satisfaction in higher education and offer insight into postgrad life at university.

Worst experience ever, including the administration. Avoid this university. The tutors and lecturers don't even know their basic stuff. There is a total lack of ethics at this place. read full review
It has been a good experience overall for me as an international student. The Union is very supportive. Love the campus. Uni halls need and upgrade but that’s already happening. read full review
Love uni and all the facilities and opportunities. Have made lots of good friends and couldn’t be happier with my course. It has a beautiful campus and so far I loved my course. The lecturer and career networks are really supportive. Had a fantastic experience so far!!!! read full review
Being an international student here my experience has been phenomenal. Univeristy has become a home to me with unbelievable amount of love and respect and uncountable beautiful memories. I have made lifelong friends here and it has been like a dream i am living. It has helped me grow in to a much stronger, confident and positive person. read full review
I have been at this university for the past four years, and I will carry on with my postgraduate education here if the university will let me. I could not emphasise how much I have enjoyed being here and if I was at any other univerisity I probably wouldn't have finished my undergraduate degree. read full review
I had and continue to have a mostly postive experience at this university just because of the supportive and law focused environment. The LPC is really enjoyable even though it is quite full on. They thow summer and winter balls, participate in legal runs to raise money for charity, have clubs and societies that sometimes have options to compete in competitions etc. read full review
great environment and facilities, such 3 d workshop with helpfull technitians. great fine art ma teacher who always open to support. freedom to create workshops and intalattions as experiment. read full review
The strikes have been very disruptive to learning which is something I haven't liked. But the University itself has been very welcoming and I have not felt out of place once. I have made great friends and I have enjoyed my experience. read full review
If I had to bring it down to 2 words it would be absolutely amazing. Uni of Hull provides anything and everything you need from a university. It's affordable, it's accessible and beautiful. The library is the best part and the professors are the cherry on top of the cake. read full review
I did my MSc in this university and continued with my MD here. Its so good that i continued with my postgraduate here. The students will not only study will also have a fun life and study at the same time read full review