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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Loughborough University

It is really good, but not as much as I expected it to be. I was very disappointed with the teaching quality in some modules and I felt they are really poor in content and a waste of money. Also, international students do not enjoy as much as locals do. Personally, I found it quite difficult to blend in with the British culture and values, and to make British friends, despite many efforts.
In terms of facilities, services and support offered, it is fantastic! read full review
I really love Loughborough. As an international student, they've made me feel right at home. Everyone is so friendly and I get the sense that staff members truly want you to be successful. read full review
Awesome! Fun! Exciting! And yes sporty how can i forget. From the teachers to the friends ive made to the staff and the places in uni, facilities and such, i give it a 11.5/10. Yes it deserves that 1.5 read full review
Fantastic! Exactly what I expect from a top-notch university and great quality of life support services for both students and faculty. My supervisors are really good and provide excellent guidance. read full review
Very impressive. I have grown as a Chemical Engineer but also as a person with all of the extra curricular activities available , social life and trainings regularly provided. read full review


Rory - December 2017

Great! read full review


Nathan - December 2017

Mostly enjoyable read full review