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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Loughborough University

Not bad, but can be improved. Hope the University can offer more facilities to students and the price can be lower. Also, can supply much more help to international students. read full review
Our uni is good, and I feel satisfied with my life in Loughborough right now. I think our uni is think highly of students’ life and study experience. The sports facilities in Loughborough is so good. read full review

Marketing MSc


Student Reviewer - February 2020

I've loved every minute and don't really want to leave. Is there anything else i can do after my masters so i stay :) It is such a great family environment to be in and presents so many opportunities! I could never imagine going anywhere else. read full review
Loughborough University has offered me the opportunity to start and complete my postgraduate studies with access to all required state of the art facilities and computer programmes. During my studentship I have had the opportunity to cooperate with very helpful members of staff and a very supportive scientific group who offered me excellent academic guidance and encouragement. read full review
Exceptional - I have had the opportunity to do so many thing outside of my comfort zone that I never would have thought of doing before

I have studied abroad held down a part time job while doing an undergrad and now a masters
It has challenged me in so many ways but I have thoroughly enjoyed it read full review

Business and Economics PhD


Student Reviewer - January 2020

Diabolical. I sincerely wish that I had never come here. I have completely changed as a person but sadly for negative reasons.

As a PhD student in SBE Lboro, I do not feel valued whatsoever. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

If you are looking to do a PhD, look for somewhere:
1) where the PhD offices are connected to the academic offices
2) a space with a collegial atmosphere with formal spaces to meet and connect - how often are the research groups meeting? What is the atmosphere?
3) where academics talk to you as if you are a human being and make you feel valued.

Absolutely do not buy into any glossy brochures. read full review
A1. Excellent. Superb. Homely.
Need more activities for international students perhaps.
read full review
I completed my undergraduate at Loughborough too and I have enjoyed the masters just as much! The environment is great and the people are so friendly and helpful read full review
Having studied my undergraduate at Loughborough and then doing my Postgraduate ad well, indicates the satisfaction I received from Loughborough, with no real desire to leave. read full review
As a PhD student, rather bad. It may be related to my department, sport sciences, who are highly rated and where most people think very highly of themselves. this puts A LOT of pressure on the PhD students. read full review