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What is an MBA?

An MBA (otherwise known as a Master’s in Business Administration) is a postgraduate qualification that focuses on the aspects considered key to running a business. An MBA is both a widely recognised qualification among the business world and an excellent form of management training, focussing on areas such as HR, marketing, accounting and finance to give a fully rounded view of the way a business is run. MBAs are often taken by professionals aiming to enhance their careers prospects and broaden their skills and business knowledge.

Types of MBA

There are a variety of different types of MBA to suit a range of professionals:

Full-time MBA – the normal MBA is a two-year programme that runs during term time; students that take this type of qualification are usually professionals who have already gained experience in a business environment.

Part-time MBA – typically lasting for three or more years, part-time MBAs cater for working professionals by holding classes outside of normal working hours.

Distance learning MBA – growing in popularity, this type of MBA is completed off-campus; students learn using online course materials and communicate with tutors via email.

Accelerated MBA – the Accelerated MBA is a more intensive version of the Full-time MBA; these courses allow student to graduate more quickly, but involve a greater work load and less time off.

Executive MBA – also know as an EMBA, the Executive MBA is aimed at business executives and higher level management. It will usually allow students to earn their qualification alongside a full-time job in two years or less.


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